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A Good News Story - Tilly

28 May 2016

We recently homed a beautiful black 8 year old cat and her new Mum writes:

"I thought I'd email you and give you a quick update on Dodo who's now called Tilly!  She has come along so well and settled in so much quicker than we ever expected.  She hid away for the first day underneath our desk but now she is out and about and has explored every bit of the house.  She now sits on the living room window ledge watching and waiting for me to come home from work.  She is now eating normally and is loving all the affection she is getting, she follows me around the house like my little shadow and will chat while she does.  She will sometimes go behind the couch for a little time out which is when we know to leave her to herself.  She has slept on my lap every night which I now have realised she is a big snorer!  She's even made my Aunty fall in love with her and she is not an avid animal lover so she must be perfect!  I'm so proud of how good she has been, she is a totally different character to when we first met her!  Even in this short space of time of having her she's just so great and we are a perfect match for each other.  Wouldn't swap her for the world!"

Isn't that wonderful to hear!  This is what we want for all our cats and kittens and we make sure that all our cats and kittens go to lovely homes.