Sandy's Story

Sandy is looking for his new start in life - this is his story so far …..

Sandy is now a one year old ginger and white lad, affectionate and playful.

He was left as a stray with a local vet in March 2017 with the suggestion that he had been involved in a road accident. The vets kept him under observation for 48 hours, gave Sandy a precautionary anti-biotic shot and determined that he showed no physical injury. The Branch was asked to take him into care. He seemed fit and well except that he sometimes sneezed and snuffled when excited.

As with all new "inmates" Sandy was taken to our local vet to be vaccinated and micro-chipped. He was diagnosed with laryngitis and prescribed a further anti-biotic and steroid to help his breathing. He was neutered at that time. His ears were heavily infested with active ear mites. Washing out a cat's ear is not something welcomed by any cat and it took two weeks of daily washing out and inserting ointment for this condition to clear. Sandy's reaction to this was surprisingly benign, he really is a gentle cat.

After two weeks, despite Sandy being a lively and delightful kitten his breathing problems worsened. Volunteers sometimes wonder how we spend their generous donated funds; Sandy spent a lot of money. It was decided to x-ray his chest. His lungs showed large dark patches - pneumonia. As routine anti-biotics had not helped him, blood tests were taken for laboratory examination , he was tested for viral infections which happily proved negative. Under anaesthetic his throat was examined and large quantities of puss and mucus removed.

From the end of March until mid-August poor Sandy had to undergo further tests, another x-ray and treatment for three drug resistant bacteria. He must have learnt the way to the vet's surgery.

As a fosterer one is not supposed to have favourites and try not to get too emotionally involved but how can one not be affected but such as Sandy who wants nothing more than endless fuss and play and tolerates tablets being put down his throat twice a day for five months and still nuzzles the hands that force pills into his mouth.

Come mid-August and Sandy has grown from a kitten to a small cat. His breathing is normal, he has no more infections and no longer suffers the pain and discomfort that he must have endured.

Sandy needs a home with someone who will give him a tablet everyday for his asthma (or use a spray) and take him every now and then to a vet to ensure his condition remains stable. There is no reason to think that Sandy should not live a long and contented life. One thing I can guarantee and that is that he will return every little bit of love and affection given to him.

Cats Protection has saved Sandy's young life. Without us he would not have seen Easter. CP will continue to pay for Sandy's respiratory drugs. Sandy now needs a future beyond living in a cabin but we will miss him terribly.

UPDATE: 29 September 2017: We are delighted to say that Sandy has now found a new home!  He will remain on medication for a while, and be supported by the branch to follow his progress but we are sure his new owner and Sandy are going to be very happy together and we thank Joanna very much for offering to take on this very special boy.