World Spay Day & Neutering Offer

World Spay Day is 26 February 2019. Cats Protection together with member charities of the Cat Population Control Group promotes the importance of ensuring felines are neutered at the earliest opportunity. As a cat lover and caring owner, the best thing you can do to protect your cat is to have it neutered. A female cat can get pregnant whilst still a kitten herself.  She should be spayed no later than four months old. Neutering your male kitten early will help keep him safe - ensuring that he doesn't get into constant fights over females which will protect him from injury and diseases.  It will also stop his urge to wander off in search of a mate and lessen the chances of him getting lost or injured on the road. Neutering also helps the general cat population; the fewer un-planned litters there are, the more homes will be available for the many needy felines which come into our care.  A simple 'snip' really does show you care! All kittens adopted from CP will be neutered before being homed, or a free neutering voucher given for kittens if they leave care before they are four months old.
Fram & Sax CP offers free neutering vouchers or contributions to those on low income and/or receiving benefits (proof would be required when attending participating vets). This offer is also available to help manage feral colonies. Call us on 01728 723499 to find out more.