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Extra care for CAT QUEENS!

31 May 2022
Extra care for CAT QUEENS!

Hundreds of pregnant cats will be living in homes where they cannot be cared for or will be roaming the streets and fields in our area looking for a safe refuge for themselves and their kittens. Cats like Poppet who was living in a home but was left behind, heavily pregnant, when the family moved. Thankfully, we were able to give Poppet and her little ones everything they needed to prepare them for their new lives.

We are raising money for our branch to enable us to care for more cats like Poppet and her five kittens as they begin their journeys to safety and to prepare them for happy new homes giving them the best start possible. Please help to give every cat mum who is lost, hungry, and alone the extra special care they need. Your contribution to Fram & Sax Cats Protection will make an impact.

A £5 donation will feed a hungry cat mum like Poppet with specialist food for 25 days. £20 will provide a safe and comfortable place to give birth and £50 will provide a cat or kitten with veterinary treatment to help get them ready for a new home.

Help us help these very special queens with a donation - small or large, it will make a huge difference!
Thank you for your support