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Fram & Sax CP News - March 2021

01 March 2021
Fram & Sax CP News - March 2021
Whilst under yet another lockdown we have still been able to home cats and kittens using the ‘hands free’ protocol. Potential adopters have been able to see pictures and videos of the felines in care and then have them delivered to their doors to settle into their new lives. It has worked extremely well and despite the restrictions the branch managed to re-home 88 cats and kittens during 2020. This year got off to a slow start, much like last year but fortunately the cats in our care are finding homes very quickly which is great for them. We hope that this trend will continue and people begin to appreciate the company of cats and we will not have so many coming into care.

The importance of microchipping: We have had a few stray cats come into care over the past year which have been found to have a microchip. This meant they could be reunited with their grateful owners. However, in cases were we are told they no longer want the cat due to a change in circumstances or the owner cannot be traced, we put them up for adoption and re-register the microchip with the new owner’s details.

All cats adopted from Cats Protection will be microchipped before re-homing. All these chips will be registered to the branch until the adoption is successfully completed. The details are then re-registered to the new owner. It is really important to remember to keep these details up-to-date ie with changes of addresses and telephone numbers.

Since 2016 it has been a requirement for dogs to be microchipped, but not cats. After years of campaigning by Cats Protection, the government is asking for your views on cat microchipping. The campaign is at a vital stage and you can support this change in the law and have your say by visiting www.cats.org.uk/microchippingcampaign.