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Fram & Sax Feline Care, Events etc December 2019

01 December 2019
Fram & Sax Feline Care, Events etc December 2019

As another year draws to a close, Framlingham and Saxmundham Cats Protection would like to thank those who have supported us throughout the year. To those who have adopted cats and kittens, donated items for sale, those who have bought our goods, joined our membership scheme and made donations, and to all our volunteers, very many thanks. Without your help and generosity we could not be able to continue the work we do to promote the welfare and homing of cats and kittens. We also wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Diary dates: Stock up on CP Christmas cards, calendars, diaries and gifts and help support us: - Sunday, 1 December, Woodbridge Christmas Street Fair; Saturday, 7 December , Fram & Sax Christmas Fair and Cat Homing Event, (10amto12 noon) Market Hall, Saxmundham. Cats ready for a new home will be available for viewing (subject to availability).

Cat care: Here are a few tips to ensure your cat enjoys the Christmas season as much as you: 

Choosing gifts for your cat: interactive toys are fun and stimulate cats while also helping them exercise. Always use toys which have bells or string under supervision to avoid the danger of choking or entanglement.

Christmas Decorations: Avoid using lametta as this is easily pulled off and can be swallowed by felines. Keep baubles high up on Christmas trees, to prevent them being knocked off, broken and possibly eaten by playful mogs. Make sure the tree is secured to something to stop it being toppled by climbing cats or inquisitive kittens! Keep Christmas light leads and plug extension sockets off the floor away from the possibility of being nibbled by kittens, or urinated on by nervous felines.

: An influx of family and friends in the house, and even the simple change of routine, over the festive season can be stressful for cats. Make sure they have a quiet place to which they can retreat.

Candles: Keep lighted candles well away from the dangers of leaping felines who may knock them over or have their whiskers or tails scorched!

: Feeding your cat a few pieces of Christmas lunch is fine, but take account of these treats in the cat's daily food ration. Ensure that there are no bones in cooked meat; bones, especially cooked ones, can splinter and cause intestinal damage.

: Keep your hangover cures locked away – paracetamol is highly toxic to cats.

Homeless Cats
: Help us to make Christmas happier for cats who do not have a home of their own over Christmas by donating food, toys and bedding to us or other welfare charities.

Looking for a home: Molly is a friendly 6 1/2 year old girl with real character! She is a very inquisitive and smart puss who loves to play but also enjoys a comfy lap. Molly loves to be with people so would like a home where she has company for some of the day. She also enjoys the great outdoors so needs a good sized garden to explore. See her on our adoption pages: Molly.