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Fram & Sax News & Cat Advice November 2020

01 November 2020
Fram & Sax News & Cat Advice November 2020 It seems strange that we have no forthcoming Christmas events to write about, but it seems very unlikely that we shall now be able to hold any fundraising events this year. We have missed meeting our supporters this year and of course this has hit our income considerably. The work of our fosterers has been magnificent and we have managed to find homes for many cats and kittens during recent months and we thank all those who have offered wonderful homes to our feline residents. Please phone or see our website for cats and kittens still looking for homes and for ways you may be able to donate to help towards our funds.

Winter Cat Care:
Fireworks: It is uncertain whether traditional fireworks events will take place, or whether you will have small gatherings at home to celebrate, but here are a few simple things to bear in mind to keep your pets comfortable and stress free during possible noisy times. The noise and flashing lights from fireworks can be distressing for pets. Keep cats in after dark and provide them with a litter tray; make sure they feel secure in a settled familiar territory; ensure all doors and windows are securely closed and curtain are drawn; play soothing music; consider using a pheromone diffuser or spray (available from pet shops and vets).

Antifreeze: As we prepare for winter it is timely to point out the danger to cats of antifreeze the smell of which cats find enticing. The majority of antifreeze products contain the active ingredient ethylene glycol (EG) which is fatally toxic to cats in very small quantities as it causes acute kidney failure. An animal that has ingested EG must receive immediate medical attention; signs of poisoning may include vomiting and the cat looking drunk or wobbly. If you suspect your cat has swallowed antifreeze contact your vet without delay. Accidental poisonings can result from spills, leaks and the use in ponds and garden water features so please take extra care when using and storing such products whether you own a cat or not!

Looking for a home: Kitty is a lovlely black cat of about three years old who is full of character and 'catitude'! She has had a poor experience with people in the past and she needs to learn to trust those around her again. She is very much her “own” cat but will accept affection and treats on her terms. She is gaining confidence and trust all the time and will need a home where she can feel safe and show the love she is capable of giving. If you can offer Kitty the future she needs, please call to find out more. See her her6: Matilda.