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Fram & Sax News & Cat Care June 2019

01 June 2019
Fram & Sax News & Cat Care June 2019
The calls are now flooding in about feral colonies of cats with kittens. The sooner we can get the adults neutered and the kittens (if young enough) into care the better, but as usual, we have to juggle to make room for them all. If the colonies are cared for, the adults (both male and female) can be returned after neutering. If it is not a managed colony, it poses more difficulties as we then have to find suitable places for them to go. We have to hope that there are farms, smallholdings, stables etc which are looking for feline rodent controllers who can give them a safe place to live. Of course, the problem does not only arise with feral colonies; there are still many cases of domestic cats who have not been neutered and owners often find they cannot care for them when they become pregnant. We continue to promote the benefits of neutering both males and females, and offer free vouchers for those on benefits or low incomes who cannot afford to have their feline companions neutered.
Dates for your diary: Please come along to see and support us at these events: 23June - Woodbridge Regatta; 22 & 23 June - Heveningham Hall Country Fair.
Cat Advice: Is your cat microchipped? June is National Microchipping Month which is a campaign that encourages and promotes responsible pet ownership through microchipping as the preferred method of permanent identification.Cats can be chipped from nine weeks and the procedure is simple and doesn't cause harm to your pet. You can get your cat microchipped by a vet, or by a trained and insured member of an animal welfare organisation
The chip is a very small device, no larger than a grain of rice which is injected under the cat's skin, between the shoulder blades and your cat won't even be aware of its presence. The procedure is painless and the chip holds a unique number which links to an owner's address on the database. Microchipping is the most effective way to identify a lost pet, and by keeping your details up to date, you'll increase the likelihood of a happy reunion if your cat goes wandering. Unfortunately, we find that a lot of microchips we scan do not have up to date details which makes it very difficult for us to reunite stray cats. Please take the time to check that your cat's microchip details are correct and up to date,specially if you have moved or changed your telephone details, as it could help us or vets to reunite you with your lost feline.
Another benefit of a microchip is that it is also possible to buy cat flaps which can be programmed to recognise your cat's chip; a great way to stop those unwanted feline visitors.