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Fram & Sax News & Tips

24 October 2021
Fram & Sax News & Tips

We hope to see many of our supporters (old and new) at our Christmas Fair in the Reydon Village Hall, Lowestoft Road, Southwold on 13 November 2021. In a year when we have had restricted fundraising opportunities we are greatly looking forward to catching up with everyone. Do come along to find Christmas gifts for your friends, family and for your feline companions. Christmas cards, calendars, diaries, raffle, tombola and lots more will be on offer! You will also be able to have a snack and chat over a cup of tea or coffee too.


Cat care: Make sure your cat is safe outside in the cold

  • Cats may still want to brave even the coldest temperatures. If your cat has access to the outdoors, provide them with a shelter to ensure they are safe. A sturdy cardboard box covered in plastic sheeting is ideal

  • If have a cat flap make sure your cat can get in and out; heavy snowfall or icy patch might result in the cat flap becoming stuck, or blocked

  • Ensure that your cat has plenty of fresh water indoors, in case any outside sources freeze

  • Always make sure your cat comes inside at night, locking the catflap once they are in. Provide them with warm, comfortable, safe places to sleep and a litter tray

  • Regularly check sheds, outhouses and garages to ensure your cat isn’t locked inside – Look Before You Lock!

  • If your cat has come in from the snow, wipe off any road grit, salt, or anything that might stick to their paws and fur

  • Screen off open fireplaces and always supervise your cat if you have lit a fire

  • Make sure your cat is microchipped, and the details are up to date. If they do wander off in search of a warm place, they’ll be easily traced back to your address

  • If using antifreeze in your car, please do so with care and ensure any spills are removed immediately to ensure pets are not tempted to lick it

If the weather becomes particularly cold, keep your cat indoors. While they might seem bored or restless, pet cats aren’t used to extreme temperatures and can even develop frostbite or hypothermia. Keep them entertained and exercised with enrichment toys and feeders.