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Fram & Sax News and Cat Care July 2109

01 July 2019
Fram & Sax News and Cat Care July 2109

As we write, many litters of unwanted kittens have been arriving. All needing lots of care and attention, ably given by their dedicated fosterers. All needing money raised by fundraising and donations for their welfare. Why are so many unwanted litters still being born? Cats Protection and other animal charities offer advice, and often free neutering vouchers to help control the issue but it appears the message is not getting through. Please, if you have an un-neutered cat, whether male or female, have it neutered as soon as possible. Your cat will be happier, less likely to roam and the risk of contracting infections through fighting will be reduced. Ask us or your vet if you need advice.


Cat Advice:  Not all cats enjoy a cuddle!  To many of us a hug or cuddle makes us feel loved and wanted. This is not always true of our feline friends as few like to feel restrained. The majority of cats like their own space and show affection very much on their own terms. Obvious signs that a cat is unhappy with too much attention are easily spotted as they may jump out of the way, hiss, or fluff up their tail.


Some signs are a little more subtle. Crouching or shrinking away as you approach. Avoiding eye contact and turning its head away. Flicking its tail. Sudden grooming as you approach. Dilated pupils. Ears turned back or to the side for more than a couple of seconds. If you spot these signs it is important to leave the cat alone to avoid them becoming stressed which could lead to unwanted behaviours like spraying, scratching furniture or worse, you.


If your cat does not appreciate cuddles, don't despair. There are lots of things you can do to show them you love them without gathering them up for a hug.
            Slow blinking in your direction is the ultimate sign that your cat trusts you. If you do it back to them they will know that you trust them too.
            Playing with toys such as fishing rods and catnip mice is important for cats, as it allows them to express their natural hunting behaviour and releases feel-good hormones in their brains.
            Most importantly, let them come to you. Cats are control freaks and like to be able to decide when and where they interact with others. Instead of picking them up and restraining them, let them approach you on their own terms for a stroke or a chin rub. Offering a few treats may help to encourage them, too.