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Fram & Sax News and Cat Care August 2019

01 August 2019
Fram & Sax News and Cat Care August 2019

Many thanks to everyone who visited and supported us at two wonderful events back in June; Woodbridge Regatta and the Heveningham Country show. Both were very well supported on beautiful sunny summer days.

Please come and see at these events:
4 August – Southwold Antiques Fair; 18 August – Westleton Barrel Fair; 24 August – Orford Flower Show.

Cat Advice: How to introduce cats for a harmonious home:
In general cats prefer to live on their own but with some practical help you can help your cats accept each other. It is really important to look out for signs that cats aren't getting on. Just because they are not physically fighting does not mean that they are happy together. Many cats are returned to Cats Protection because they haven’t got on with the adopter's other cat. However, with some planning and taking it in stages, you can give them the best start.

1. Set up a room where the new cat can live when it first arrives, such as a spare bedroom, with everything a cat needs, to ensure it has its own safe area. This will give it time to adapt to the new home. Visit and interact with the newcomer frequently, but don’t ignore the resident feline!

2. Scent swap to get them used to each other’s smell; collect scent from each cat by wiping a cloth around their cheeks or forehead. Place it in their separate areas to give them the option to investigate or ignore.

3. The next step is using a glass barrier such as patio doors, some form of mesh barrier or baby gate, allowing them to see each other without being able to get to one another. Let the cats have the choice of approaching the barrier rather than forcing them.

4. Next, face-to-face meetings can be tried. It is important to allow the cats the option of meeting and not to force them. Both cats need to know where they can exit the situation or where they can get up high. Keep these meetings short and make them a good experience with treats and toys. If things don’t go well, ensure you can break any eye contact between the cats, allowing them to retreat. It is important not to rush the stages, but following this guide gives your cats the very best chance of being able to live together.