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Fram & Sax News and Cat Care October 2018

01 October 2018
Fram & Sax News and Cat Care October 2018

Summer fundraising was a great success, and we now prepare for the winter and dare we say, Christmas events! We have also been successful in recruiting a few more volunteers, both fundraisers and fosterers, but we always need more. The more volunteers we have, the more felines we can help. If you have a few hours to spare, please consider helping us; whether your talents lie in administration, facing the public, or cat welfare, all are welcome. Call us to have a chat or come and see us at one of our events to learn more about our friendly, pro-active branch.

We have had a few long stay cats over recent months. During the 'kitten season' we have little trouble homing the little lovelies, but it can mean that some of the older or more mature residents are overlooked. If they happen to be black, this may be an even bigger issue. If you are considering sharing your home with a new feline friend, please do not ignore our older residents - remember kittens are cute but they soon grow into cats!

Diary dates: A chance to meet us and to stock up on gifts, CP Christmas cards, diaries and calendars; Saturday, 7 October - Farlingaye School Fair, Woodbridge, and Saturday, 10 November - Framlingham & Saxmundham CP Christmas Fair, Southwold. Also, celebrate everything that is wonderful about black cats on their special day - National Black Cat Day is on 27 October.

Feline behaviours: Why are non-cat people so attractive to cats? We are often told by people that they have friends and family who dislikes felines, but their cat always makes a beeline for them, making them very uncomfortable. It’s all about body language. When a cat enters a room invariably cat lovers start staring at it, often moving towards it, extending their hands and making cat friendly noises. The non-cat person on the other hand may try to make themselves as invisible as possible so the cat will not approach or leap on them. This person is likely to sit extremely still, look down and away from the cat, keeping their hands on their lap and maintaining absolute silence. The cat may find this latter display of body language far less threatening so may well move towards the ‘non-cat’ person to explore further! You could advise your friends to be more welcoming, despite their natural instincts to shy away.

 Cat Quote:  'There are no ordinary cats.' Colette (French novelist 1873-1954). Succinct and true!

Looking for a home: This is Cleopatra, a fine example of a beautiful black cat. Cleopatra and her brother Antony (also shiny  and black) are about five months old. They were hand fed for a short while when they came to us, so are used to lots of contact and fuss. They are now ready for their start in life; have you got room in your life for one or both of them? Help them celebrate National Black Cat day by offering them a home.