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Fram & Sax News and Cat Care September 2019

01 September 2019
Fram & Sax News and Cat Care September 2019

Kittens, kittens and yet more unwanted kittens; 49 in all as I write and more on the waiting list to come in! All needing to be socialised, fed (sometimes by hand), taught to use litter trays and taken to the vets for at least two visits before we can find suitable homes for them.

A kitten adopted from Fram and Sax CP will always come with assurances that they have been health checked, treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered if older than 16 weeks (or a voucher given for free neutering if not). Four weeks free insurance is another plus point. We will also help you find the right feline for your family situation. A cat in our care may have cost up to £200 by the time it goes to a new home – we ask for a donation fee of just £60 each!

Be wary of buying a kitten from sales or auction sites or through social media (unless from a legitimate seller, registered breeder, charity or shelter) as it can be risky and may perpetuate indiscriminate breeding. In such private ads for kittens the health of the mother is rarely mentioned; whether she is kept for breeding and how many pregnancies she has endured, or whether she has been regularly vaccinated and health checked. Thought must be given to infectious diseases, genetics and other breed issues. Always be cautious of a private sale where you are unable to see the mother. Ask for the vet’s details and what treatments have been given. If you are told the kitten has been vaccinated you must be given the record card. A seller who cares about a kitten’s well-being will make enquires about you and your home, too. Importantly, make sure you have the kitten neutered to prevent yet more unwanted kittens.

Please, if you or your friends and neighbours are looking for a kitten to re-home, adopt rather than shop.

Looking for a home:
This is the Nut Gang: Brothers, Peanut and Cob and their sisters Pistachio, Cashew and Pecan. They were brought in as an unwanted litter at about five weeks old. Now old enough to go to their very own homes. Call us if you would like to meet them or any of the other cats or kittens in our care.