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Fram & Sax News October 2020

01 October 2020
Fram & Sax News October 2020

We have been hoping to be able to attend some outdoor fundraising events in October, but with Covid-19 regulations changing frequently, we do not know whether this will be possible, Keep a check on our website for updates. In the meantime, we continue to take in cats and many kittens to prepare them for finding new homes; our face-to-face fundraising may be on hold, but the work of our fosterers never stops.

Cat care/advice: Facts about cat grooming:

1 - Cats spend 15% of their life grooming: Besides resting, the most time-consuming part of a cat’s day is their cleaning routine. They can spend up to 50% of the time they are awake grooming.

2 – Spiky tongues remove hair: Tiny spikes called papillae on cat’s tongues act like a comb, removing loose hair and dirt. Most of this is swallowed and digested, and may come back as hairballs!

3 – Cats help clean each other: Grooming is typically a solo activity, but if two cats have a close bond they may groom each other, known as allogrooming.

4 – Grooming keeps cats cool: As well as removing excess fur, grooming also help cats regulate their temperature by coating their fur with a thin layer of saliva. When the saliva evaporates, it cools them down.

5 – Cats groom to keep themselves safe: By cleaning away any strong scent on their fur, such as from their food, wildcats reduce their chances of being detected by predators – not usually an issue for our pet moggies!

If you notice that your cat is not grooming as much as usual, it could be due to a medical problem such as arthritis or a dental problem which can make grooming uncomfortable or painful. In the first instance you should take the cat for a check-up by your vet to find out what may be going on. You can, or course, help out by having a regular combing or brushing routine to ensure that mats are kept at bay, especially for long coated cats. If mats are allowed to get too bad it may require a vet haircut, or ‘de-mat’ which will need to be carried out under sedation.

Looking for a home: This lovely lady is Matilda. She is an affectionate seven year old who is looking for a lap on which to cuddle-up, and an occasional game of ball on stick. We think she will make an ideal companion cat in a quiet home without other pets. EXPRESS AN INTEREST IN ADOPTING MATILDA BY CLICKING HERE ADOPT MATILDA