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Fram and Sax News - April 2021

01 April 2021
Fram and Sax News - April 2021 Whilst under yet another lockdown we have still been able to home cats and kittens using the ‘hands free’ protocol. Potential adopters have been able to see pictures and videos of the felines in care and then have them delivered to their door to settle into their new lives. It has worked extremely well and despite the restrictions the branch managed to re-home 88 cats and kittens during 2020.

Many people have wanted the company of a pet whilst being at home and have acquired cats and kittens via adoption charities but also from ads on social media. Unlike adopting from a reputable charity, animals bought on social media may not have been health checked by a vet, had vaccinations, been mircrochipped or neutered. In these cases we urge people to contact their local vet as soon as possible to arrange an appointment for their newly acquired pet. Most local vets are open and are happy to advise.

The importance of neutering: Once lockdown ends we may well be inundated with unwanted kittens and requests to take in cats who are showing unwanted behavioural patterns associated with sexual maturity. This is why we urge people to ensure all cats over 4 months old are neutered. Neutering not only prevents unwanted pregnancies but also curbs behavioural issues such as aggression, roaming and urine spraying and reduces the risk of certain diseases. We are able to help with the cost of neutering in some hardship circumstances. Call us or see our website to find out more.

The importance of microchipping: We have had a few stray cats come into care last year which have been found to have a microchip. This meant they could be reunited with the owners. However, in cases were we are told they are no longer wanted due to a change in circumstances we put them up for adoption and re-register the microchip with the new owner’s details.

Since 2016 it has been a requirement for dogs to be microchipped, but not cats. After years of campaigning by Cats Protection, the government is asking for views on cat microchipping. The campaign is at a vital stage and you can support this change in the law and have your say by visiting www.cats.org.uk/microchippingcampaign.

Looking for a home: Do you have barns, a small holding or stables? We have a number of cats, like Sylvester and Felix who are not domesticated but are looking for somewhere safe and dry to live, with regular meals! In return they will probably repay your kindness with rodent control. This pair are two years old and are used to humans; Sylvester will allow a stroke but Felix is very shy. If you can offer them the home they need, please see them on their adoption page here