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Fram & Sax News and Cat Care August 2018

01 August 2018
Fram & Sax News and Cat Care August 2018

July was another busy month for fundraising and fostering. The sun shone at the Heveningham Show and the Royal British Legion WW1 Commemoration event in Woodbridge. We were pleased to meet many generous supporters who came to see us on our stands. Our foster carers continue to be stretched, with extra room having to be found in order to take in litters of unwanted kittens. We know that one of neighbouring branch has had to close its waiting lists due to being overwhelmed with the high number of cats and kittens needing to come into care. We are again appealing to everyone who has cats to ensure they are neutered. There are many myths surrounding castrating and spaying - all of which are untrue; there are only benefits. As well as helping control unwanted litters, neutering reduces the risk of fighting and resulting infections, reduces the risk of disease and some cancers and limits straying. It is the responsible thing to do if you own a cat. The branch is able to help those on limited incomes and or benefits with the cost of neutering. Call us to find out more.


Feline behaviours: Why do cats knead their owners with their claws? When kittens are first born they are totally dependent on their mother for their nutrition. When they suck at their mothers’ teats they tread with alternate front paws at her body to stimulate the flow of milk.


If your cat is kneading on your lap or chest when you have a cuddle this shows that it associates the intense and secure nature of your relationship with that of its mother when it was a tiny kitten. Some cats will take the process one step further and dribble uncontrollably as they anticipate the milk feed that kneading usually produces. Cats generally grow out of this behaviour after they are weaned, but a few will retain it into adulthood, particularly if they are with someone with whom they feel safe or when they are allowed onto a fluffy cushion or blanket.


Event Dates: Come and see us at: Southwold Antiques Fair, Sunday, 5 August, 10 am to 4pm; Westleton Barrel Fair, Sunday, 19 August, 11am to 5pm; Orford Flower Show, Saturday, 25 August, 1.30pm to 5pm


Cat Quote:  'Tobermory looked squarely at her for a moment and then fixed his gaze serenely on the middle distance. It was obvious that boring questions like that lay outside his scheme of life'; from Tobermory by Hector Hugh Munro, better known as, Saki. I am sure all cat lovers will be able to recognise that look!


Looking for a home: This very handsome, large chap is Willoughby who is about three years old. He was brought into care, un-neutered, scared and with fight wounds on his back. Now fully recovered, he has been neutered and with lots of TLC a truly loving boy has emerged. Arrange to meet him soon if you are looking for a new feline companion. Call us on 01728 723499.