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In Memory of Angel & Precious

26 January 2021
In Memory of Angel & Precious
Many of you may remember Angel & Precious, the two little farm kittens with health problems that were adopted by their fosterer and became sponsored cats. After the recent sad news of Angel’s death, Karen has given us an insight into their lives and her devotion and commitment to this lovely pair of felines.

Angel & Precious arrived with me at about two to three weeks of age in June 2011. They were from a farm where Carol, another fosterer had been trapping and neutering for a while and they were the last of a long line of kittens. All seemed fine at first. I was hand rearing and both demanded feeding day and night, but it soon became obvious they were not growing as they should. Precious also had an eye problem; she had one eye smaller then the other and it became apparent she was blind in that eye. As they moved onto normal food the problems really began, with constant upset stomachs. It took quite some time to find a special food that if carefully given, worked for them.

We believe the problems were probably caused by inbreeding. They were never going to lead a normal life as they wouldn't be able to be outside on their own without the fear of them eating something they shouldn't. They were also constantly stressed with any type of disruption. Even changing their beds caused them to spend ages pacing and I would sit with them for hours to settle them. It was going to be difficult to find anybody that was able to take them on with the amount of time that was needed and constant care and strict routine to keep them well.

So, it was decided that I would keep them with me and we built them a huge enclosure in the garden and made a lovely home for them. With carpets, chairs, heated beds, a heated hut and even a tree in the centre. They settled in well and I was in and out to them all day. On nice days they would even come and sit by the pond with me. As long as I kept to the routine and never slipped up with their feeding all went well. Any time they had to leave their home for a vet visit however was always a worry as they would be stressed for days afterwards.

Precious never really got very big but Angel grew into a big cat. We kept them well for a lot longer then we ever expected. However, in January 2018 when she was six and a half years old I found Precious struggling to breath and I had to make the sad decision to let her go, my heart was broken.

It took Angel quite some time to adjust to life without her sister but with a lot of care and and attention from me and my family she did settle. I did not mind that this was more time consuming as we wanted to ensure she wasn’t lonely and we were fearful in case she suffered the same problem as Precious.

Angel was doing so well and had enjoyed the nice weather during lockdown sitting by the pond with me. Sadly, late on 27 of December 2020 I went to say goodnight as I did every night and found her struggling to breath in exactly the same way as her sister. We rushed her to Wangford Vets where they did their absolute best but again it was decided it was kindest to let her go. My beautiful Angel was nine and a half years old and I was broken hearted all over again.
I miss them both dearly as they were a huge part of my life for so long and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. We would never have imagined those two little sickly kittens reaching the age they did. I put a lot into making their lives as happy as possible and they did seem very content. They were a little naughty at times with their rough play, especially Precious, but Angel was more laid back and preferred to sleep, quite often ignoring her sister antics.

I would like to thank the sponsors for helping make it all possible and the Framlingham and Saxmundham Branch for giving me the chance to keep these two very special girls and for believing in me to give them a happy life.

Also, many thanks go to Wangford Veterinary Clinic and Eagle Vets for their care over the years.

Karen Friend