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Missing Pets Scam

15 July 2021
Missing Pets Scam

The RSPCA have received reports that fraudsters are contacting pet owners who have lost a pet. They claim to have found the missing animal and then ask for bank details, either to pay for life-saving surgery, vet's fees, or fees for the pets to be returned.

Please note the RSPCA and Cats Protection will never ask for bank details over the phone and we would urge anyone who receives such a call not to give out their personal details.

If the call is not genuine, you should contact the police on 101.

If your pet is missing please alert your microchip company and inform local rescue centres and vet practices as well as speaking to neighbours and local businesses. Always keep your contact and address details up to date with the microchip database.

If you are using missing pet posters or sharing your pet's details online please be aware that your phone number may be used by scammers and be incredibly careful when offering reward money or sharing any banking details over the phone.

Please see more about this scam athttps://www.rspca.org.uk/-/news-warning-of-missing-pet-scam