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News From Fram & Sax - February 2020

01 February 2020
News From Fram & Sax - February 2020

This spring the Framlingham and Saxmundham CP branch will celebrate its 30th Anniversary. The branch was formed in 1989 by a group of concerned people who were alarmed by the increasing numbers of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in the area. Approval from Cats Protection to form a local branch was received in April 1990. Since our formation we have gone from strength to strength and on average now home up to 200 cats and kittens each year and help many more with medical care, neutering programmes and advising on feline welfare.


Moving home, relationship break-ups, illness, bereavements in the family – these are just some of the many reasons that owners have to make the heartbreaking decision to separate from their cat. There are also many strays and feral kittens we take in each year. Sadly, the problem of unwanted cats and kittens has not decreased despite many neutering campaigns. Last year our foster pens had an abundance of unwanted kittens. Many of these were very frightened, and nervous little bundles. Due to the dedication of their carers they were turned from hissy, spitty balls of fur into well socialised and ‘wanted’ kittens and homes were found for all.

 There are also many adult felines who find themselves needing new, safe and caring homes. For them finding that new start can take a little longer, especially when we have many kittens on offer. For some households an older cat can be more appropriate and they make ideal companions for those of more mature years.

 Could you help us in the coming years? Our branch is vibrant, friendly and very welcoming. We have many volunteers but to enable us to continue with our fundraising we need someone to take on the organisation and co-ordination of our events. This involves booking venues, maintaining stock levels and importantly coordinating volunteers for each event to ensure there is adequate cover. You wouldn’t need to be available to attend events, but that would be a help too! New ideas for fundraising would also be welcome. Full support is always available for our volunteers. If you think you could help us with this very important volunteering role (or know someone who may be interested) please contact us to have a chat.

 Looking for a home: Lovely Polly has been in our care for some months. She is shy and unfortunately is wary with people she doesn’t know. This means that she does not show her true self when prospective adopters come to visit. She needs a home with people who can see beyond this, to see the true Polly. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl of about seven year’s old who is lively and happy; loves a cuddle and a game, and also enjoys exploring the garden. She originally lived in a quiet rural location and has no road sense. We need to find her a safe loving home with a garden, well away from busy roads. Can you give this lovely lady her new special home? Find out more here: https://www.cats.org.uk/framandsax/adopt-a-cat?cid=252387