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News from Fram & Sax March 2020

01 March 2020
News from Fram & Sax March 2020

Spring has sprung! We are looking forward to our first fundraising events and probably the first kittens of the season. We have had a number of young cats over recent months from various feral colonies. Although very young when brought in, some have taken a while to become used to human contact and to gain confidence to go into a domestic environment. With the attention and love of their foster carers all will be socialised ready for new homes. Some may still need time and patience when they are adopted and this will bring its own rewards to those who are willing to give them the chance they need for happy lives.

Cat Advice: We were alerted to two recent unfortunate stories of cats hiding under car bonnets.

The first was a cat who managed to travel from Birmingham to London hidden under the bonnet of car just before Christmas. It was only discovered when the driver parked at his destination and someone heard it meowing. Thankfully it was unharmed. Although the poor mog did not have a microchip, its owner was eventually traced through social media and they were reunited in the New Year.

In the second incident the cat was not as fortunate. The driver heard the cat scream when he turned the engine on. He turned it off straight away and opened the bonnet to find her tangled up and in anguish. Her thigh bone was severed when her leg got caught in the fan belt. Saffy was rescued by a mechanic but needed life-saving veterinary treatment and her leg had to be amputated.

These are not isolated incidents. Cats think that a nice warm car is a safe place to rest. It is wise to check under wheel arches and bonnets before driving off, specially in very cold weather and even banging on the bonnet could help!

Looking for a home: These wee laddies are Finley and Glenn. They are seven months old and ready to go to a quiet, understanding owner as they have very sweet natures but are timid and need to gain confidence. We would like to home them together. If you can offer these lads their start in life, with the time and patience they need to blossom. See them here: https://www.cats.org.uk/framandsax/adopt-a-cat?cid=273620.