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News Update from Framlingham & Saxmundham CP

25 September 2021
News Update from Framlingham & Saxmundham CP
Our second fundraising event of the year was at the fabulous Framlingham Country Fair in August. It was a very successful event for us and our team of volunteers had a lovely two days meeting lots supporters, old and new. The ‘Soft Toy Everyone Is a Winner’ tombola, was extremely popular and we are now looking for more soft toys to use for fundraising at future events. If you have soft toys in good condition that you would like to donate, please contact us by email: fundraising@framandsax.cats.org.uk or call us on the branch number 01728 723499. Toys must have a CE label. Thank you.

Cat care: Destructive Behaviours: The idiosyncratic habits of felines are often what attract us to them! Occasionally though their behaviour can become destructive; scratching and clawing things they shouldn't, for example, or shredding curtains or a favourite item of your clothing. Scratching helps cats shed their claw sheaths. This means they are helping you take care of them, as their claws will need less trimming. Scratching also leaves a visible and chemical scent marker that identifies their territory. Cats that have access outdoors will use trees or fence posts to leave scent markers which proclaim their province.

The scent marking may continue indoors, too. Providing a satisfying alternative for your cat will discourage them from ripping through your precious household items. Try fabric or carpet off-cuts, bark-covered logs, stout wooden posts or sisal fibre. Once your cat has discovered these fun, easy-to-scratch objects, they’re less likely to go back to your furniture. Try out various locations for their scratching toys, trying both vertical and horizontal scratching posts. In the meantime, cover the areas you don't want damaged with smooth plastic or foil. Don't forget, if you are think that your cat is a little too destructive get them checked over by your vet to ensure there is no underlying medical problem.