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Unfortunate Medical Woes

02 March 2020
Unfortunate Medical Woes
We have had a couple of cats in recent weeks with sad medical tales. One is still ongoing and should have a good outcome, sadly the second was not so fortunate. These are just two occasions when our fundraising becomes so important to help cover the enormous veterinary costs involved.


We received a call from the vets in January, to take in a frail, thin male cat who had sustained an injury to his leg and one at the base of the tail. Fortunately we had a space and asked the vet to carry out an examination. He was given a long acting antibiotic, flea and worm treatment and also blood tested for fIV/Felv – it was a great relief to learn that he was negative.

He was named Sebastian at the vets and he is one of those cats who charms everyone. Considering what he has had to endure, he is the most loving, affectionate cat you could wish to meet.

After two weeks we returned to the vet for a check-up and everyone was delighted to see him. He had put on weight and looked much younger. Sadly no improvement in the leg but the wound at the base of the tail had healed. He was unable to put weight on the leg to help him jump but managed to get about well .The vet then suggested an x-ray and biopsy to see what the damage was to the leg. The result was a deep infection and so another course of six weeks antibiotics to see if it will clear and a buster collar to stop him licking the wound. If the leg does not improve it will mean amputation but he is such a wonderful character that he will cope. We will keep you up to date on this lovely lad's progress.

So, once again, thanks to the generosity of those who donate to our branch, Sebastian is being given the chance of a good future and hopefully will, in a short while, be able to go to his very own home. 


An extremely sad case – a dear, young little female cat was signed over to the vet recently as her owner could not afford the veterinary bills to deal with a severe injury. This poor cat had sustained a massive wound to the tail, which had to be amputated. After a few days she was recovering well and ready to be discharged into the care of one of our fosterers but sadly she suddenly died. It was then obvious that she had possibly received more damage to her internal organs than was first thought, or the stress was too much for her body to cope with. We dread to think how the injuries were sustained and how much this poor cat suffered.

Sadly, this little cat did not survive, but at least we were able to help give her a chance of a future.

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