Direct rehoming - home-to-home

Cats currently in need of a new home

The lovely cats on this page are looking for new homes as their current homes are unsuitable for a variety of reasons. They will be rehomed direct from one home to another facilitated by us (they don't come into our care).
Please have a look below and get in touch on 07733 390345 if you are able to rehome any of these lovely cats!

Tickles and Teddy

Tickles and Teddy are a gorgeous pair of 8 year old sisters looking for a loving new home together. Tickles is black and white and Teddy is tabby. Their current owner had adopted them when an ill family member could no longer look after them. But they are sadly allergic to the cats and are unable to keep them long-term.

Tickles and Teddy would be happy in a rural home as that is the environment they are used to. They would love a quiet home with owners who are around for much of the time, no young children or other pets. Older children should be fine. They both like to play - with their owner and each other. They are very affectionate with each other and will groom each other and sleep together, very sweet. They spend more time inside than out, are litter-trained and like to use a scratching post.

Please get in touch to find out more about Tickles and Teddy if you think these beautiful girls would be a good fit for you - they will make lovely companions in the right home for them. Thank you.

Please note if you rent your home we will need to see written permission to own a pet from your landlord or housing provider.