Hands-Free Homing

During the lockdown restrictions surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), some selected Cats Protection centres and branches are trialling a new hands-free homing approach for some of our cats, We are delighted to be offering this here at the Frome and District Branch!

This is to ensure that we can continue to help as many cats as possible at this time by matching them with their perfect family and freeing up more space for cats in need of a new home.


Adopt a cat
If you’re interested in adopting a cat from us please take a look at the specific personalities and requirements of each of our cats. If you think you could be the “Purrfect Match” for one of these lovely moggies, please get in touch by phone or email (please note there is an answer service during the day and all enquiries will be responded to at evenings and weekends)Our volunteers will be happy to tell you all about the cats, so that the one you choose will be right for you and your home.

Please note: We have in place extensive procedures that are enabling carefully controlled rehoming without putting adoptors or volunteers at risk of infection, and without having a negative impact on cat welfare. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to adopt a cat at this time but we will be ensuring that all our cats are matched with potential owners who are able to provide the environment and lifestyle required by each cat’s individual needs. 

Due to current restrictions we are only able to rehome within 20 miles radius of Frome.

How to adopt 

We’ll advertise cats on our website and Facebook page. If technology allows we’ll also carry out a video meeting. This will allow our adopters to get a better idea of the cat’s personality and for us to see your home environment. Adopt with Confidence, our usual policy of openness and honesty still stands – we’ll ensure you’re aware of any medical or behavioural concerns, and we will carefully assess each and every match before deciding whether the home is suitable. 

If you are interested in offering a cat a permanent home and like the look of one of our cats, send us an enquiry either by calling 07733 390345 or email adoption@frome.cats.org.uk (please note there is an answer service during the day and all enquiries will be responded to at evenings and weekends). To view cats currently available for adoption please view this page. 

If successful after your initial enquiry, you will receive a secondary application form to complete with more detailed questions about the household and what attributes you are looking for in a cat. There may be a delay at this stage if we have multiple applications for a particular cat. 


If after receiving the second application form we think you’re a match, we’ll give you a call to discuss the cat and potentially reserve them for you! At this stage we will ask for proof of your address and landlord consent (if applicable). At the point of reservation we’ll arrange for an Adoption Appointment either by phone or video call where you’ll be provided with full information about the cat. 


Once the reservation has been placed, we’ll send you the cat’s paperwork via email for you to review and sign. We will be able to finalise the Adoption once this paperwork is received and the Adoption fee has been paid. 

The paperwork consists of a Medical Summary, Adoption Form, and PetPlan Terms for your free one month of insurance cover. During your adoption appointment we will talk through this paperwork and discuss settling your new friend into their home. We’ll ask you to send back the signed forms with your proof of address and landlord consent and pay the £85 adoption fee by bank transfer. There will also be options to join our membership scheme and make a donation. Once this is complete we will arrange for our driver to bring your new cat to your home. 


We will arrange times to catch up with you to see how your cat is getting on in their new home and provide any advice you may need. This starts from the day the cat is delivered and we will check in with you at around 3, 7 and 21 days from their arrival. At the end of the 21 days we will no longer contact you for updates, but our help doesn’t end there. We’re only ever a phone call away, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any advice you might need! You may also like to consider signing up to our Membership scheme which gives you access to the Vetfone line, and we may ask if you would be willing to participate in homing success stories for our website and Facebook page. 

We may have a few teething problems to begin with and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during the first few weeks of this new process. Please bear in mind that we are a “VOLUNTEER” branch and it may take some time to reply back to everyone that contacts us. 


We would ask that you give serious consideration to adopting an older cat as they can often be with us for prolonged periods. Older cats can be bewildered if they have lost their home after many years, so they are especially appreciative of a loving new home where they can enjoy companionship again. We are very happy to stay in touch and are always here if you wish to contact us.

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