Otis and Hamish

We adopted Otis and Hamish (originally Bandit) in August last year. They settled in very well and we absolutely adore them - they are definitely spoilt cats! They have grown so much since we got them and are looking forward to their first experience outside when the days get warmer and lighter.

Otis is curious about everything, and will leap into boxes, bags and cupboard as soon as they are opened. He will also tuck himself up into bed! Although his miow is not very loud, he will trill at us as he follows us around. He is getting fluffier and more handsome by the day! 

Hamish is more vocal, and will shout loudly for food! He is also a lap cat, and enjoys playing fetch! He is the naughtier of the two, and he likes to wake us up by sitting on our heads and purring, but we wouldn't have him any other way! 

We are so pleased that we adopted them both and are looking forward to many years of laughter with them!

Thank you Cats Protection!