We love to hear your adoption stories and we had this lovely update on a sweet little cat called Shimmer who had been having a very hard time being bullied by another cat living on the road where she lived previously. Poor Shimmer sustained quite serious injuries and her owners had to take the painful decision to rehome her. Shimmer went into our pod at Bath Cats and Dogs Home and was quickly adopted by her new family. They have very kindly sent us an update on how she's getting on:


I just wanted to drop you a line or two to say how well we are all getting along.Shimmer

Shimmer has settled in with us well and is very affectionate and playful too. She has a few favourite places to sit and watch us or the outside world. There are a few pictures attached. She has a tunnel which she sits in and also charges through when the mood takes her!

She has almost been with us 4 weeks and is ready to explore outside (she is pawing at the windows quite a bit now) so I plan to show her the back garden tomorrow when the boys are at school and the house is quiet and I have some fishy treats to tempt her back in with! 

Shimmer is firmly part of our family and truly loved by all of us. Thanks to you and the staff at Bath Cats and Dogs Home for facilitating her adoption by us.