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Buzzard rescued by Belfast Adoption Centre

25 August 2017
Buzzard rescued by Belfast Adoption Centre Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre did more than their fair share this week as they nursed a buzzard back to health.

One of the Cat Care Assistants spotted the bird floundering at the side of the road on the way to work and stopped to investigate. On closer inspection, it was thought to be a young buzzard that hasn’t long left the nest and looked as if it had been clipped by a passing car. Worried for its safety, the Cat Care Assistant took it into the Centre.

With the bird safely back at the Adoption Centre, the team managed to syringe some water into the bird and kept him in a quiet, darkened room for a few hours. Thankfully, he became brighter and more responsive throughout the day and it was decided that he could be released back to the spot where he was originally rescued.

Returning back to the same spot from the morning, the buzzard seemed to have recovered from his ordeal and immediately flew up to a nearby tree.

Belfast Adoption Centre themselves said: "Not bad for a place that usually deals with cats and kittens! Let's hope hes' out there somewhere, happy and healthy, flying the skies."