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Cats Protection takes over Westminster tube station

06 September 2017
Cats Protection takes over Westminster tube station

People passing through Westminster tube station in London this September will be greeted by posters of fabulous felines forming part of Cats Protection’s ‘Speaking up for cats’ campaign.

Although the moggies will be visible for everyone to admire, the main aim of the posters is to grab the attention of parliamentarians and other political decision makers as they journey to and from the House of Commons. It is hoped that the posters will raise awareness of the UK’s leading cat welfare charity’s work in Westminster and promote initiatives such as the 2022 Agenda for cats which was launched ahead of the 2017 General Election.

The posters will appear from 4-24 September 2017 to coincide with MPs returning to the Houses of Parliament after their summer recess, and on 13 September a Cats Protection advert wrap will also be included on 5,000 copies of the free Metro newspaper handed out to commuters. During this period the charity will also have online adverts on selected websites of political and current affairs interest as well as an advert in The House magazine which will go to parliamentarians ahead of the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and SNP party conferences. During these conferences, Cats Protection adverts will also be featured to catch the eye of central government and local politicians.

The charity hopes that the campaign will help encourage parliamentarians to ‘Speak up for cats’ on important matters such as air gun licensing, microchipping and regulation of commercial cat breeding.  It’s also a good way of raising awareness ahead of the Cats Protection’s annual Christmas Reception in the House of Commons in December.

Getting Cats Protection exposure in such a premium location is vital for spreading the message about the valuable work it does for the UK’s cats. The charity’s Advocacy & Government Relations team will follow up the campaign by working closely with MPs on the issues outlined in their 2022 Agenda.