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Three cats dumped in cardboard box looking for new homes

31 July 2017
Three cats dumped in cardboard box looking for new homes Three cats are recovering from their ordeal after being dumped inside a cardboard box.

The two males and one female were found packed into the box, which had no holes for ventilation, and left next to a van near Walstead Stream in Lindfield. Thankfully, they were found by a dog walker, although the cats were not in a good state.

Tania Marsh, Deputy Manager of Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, where the cats are now being cared for, said: “There were no holes and it was very hot inside, and one of the cats was breathing rapidly upon arrival at our centre.”

She added: “obviously we don’t know anything about their history, but they seem very shell-shocked from this traumatic experience. At the moment they are recovering well with no obvious signs of illness but we will be monitoring them closely.”

The cats, now named Kiwi, Kirk and Ken, will be in the care of the National Cat Adoption Centre until they are ready to be rehomed.

Tania says: “It’s tragic that these cats have been left like this and just fortunate that they were spotted. Sadly, unwanted young cats like this is often a consequence of unneutered cats breeding uncontrollably. These three cats will all be neutered to prevent further unwanted cats.”

To find out more about adopting Kiwi, Kirk and Ken, or any of the other cats currently in the centre's care, click here.