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Unwanted black cats need help on Black Cat Appreciation Day

16 August 2017
Unwanted black cats need help on Black Cat Appreciation Day

With the USA about to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day, Cats Protection is urging cat lovers on this side of the Atlantic to spare a thought for the UK’s unwanted monochrome moggies.

The charity is looking after hundreds of black or black-and-white cats that potentially face months to find a home, which the charity thinks may be due to a subconscious colour preference on the part of potential adopters looking for brighter-coloured cats.

Black cats on the shelf include six-year-old Calvario (pictured right) who, despite his outgoing and bouncy character, has spent 131 days in a Cats Protection pen in Warrington.

“It’s a mystery as to why no-one wants Calvario,” says Claire Frangleton of the Warrington Adoption Centre. "He just loves a fuss and a play and he gets many approving looks from potential adopters but when it comes to decision-time he’s always overlooked.”

Another long stayer is eight-year-old Gem (below) at Cats Protection’s Downham Market Adoption Centre who has been at the centre since April. Despite being a very gentle lap cat she is passed over in favour of cats with a similar temperament but a different colour.
“Black and black-and-white cats generally wait two to three days longer to find a home than cats of other colours but there are many cats like Calvario and Gem who are forced to wait much longer,” says Zahir White, a spokesperson for Cats Protection.

“There is a lot of myth and superstition surrounding black and black-and-white cats but from our experience they are simply losing out to the brighter-coloured tabbies, torties and gingers who are much more likely to catch the eye. We’re hope that Black Cat Appreciation Day prompts people to adopt a monochrome cat because black cats like Calvario and Gem have as much to offer an owner as any other cat.”

To adopt Calvario, please contact the charity’s Warrington Adoption Centre on 01925 811 963 and to adopt Gem please contact Cats Protection’s Dereham Adoption Centre on 01366 382 311.

Potential adopters can see cats in need of homes in their area by visiting www.cats.org.uk/find-a-cat