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Black Cat Day: Meet the beautiful black cats looking for a home

21 October 2018
Black Cat Day: Meet the beautiful black cats looking for a home For centuries black cats have been considered unlucky and in recent years some owners have complained they’re too difficult to photograph to be a perfect pet.

And as a result of these superstitions and superficial attitudes, black cats can take 13% longer to be rehomed than cats of other colours.

So with National Black Cat Day approaching on 27 October and Halloween just around the corner, we’re showing just how amazing black cats can be.

Our branch, Cats Protection Gateshead and Newcastle, currently has five black cats in various shadowy shades available for adoption.

Bella, Yoda, Benjamin, Tinsel and Sammy are all beautiful black cats that are looking for a new owner who appreciates their special charms.

Bright-eyed Bella is 12 years old but a youngster at heart who thrives on human contact. She may be initially shy but once her heart opens to you, she will be your friend forever. She is a sweet and gentle cat, welcoming you with a hello call and a head rub. Her purr is a comforting deep and constant rumble and she loves to follow you around. Bella would be best suited to someone who is retired.

Yoda and his brother ginger Jasper are wonderfully friendly and are inseparable so they are eager to find their loving forever home also together. Yoda is a gorgeous big black boy and there is lot of him to love at the moment so he is on a special diet so that he is fit for his next adventure! The brothers are looking for a caring indoor forever home to call their own. 

Benjamin came to us through the vets when was severely underweight and needing a lot of TLC. He was friendly from the get go and loves to have snuggles and treats. He is now a healthy weight and is learning to play and interact more throughout the day. He needs to be homed as an indoor single cat house as he is FIV positive. This little man is the perfect lap cat!

17-year-old Tinsel is very friendly lady who came into our care after her elderly owner sadly passed away. She snoozes most of the day and becomes active in the evening when she can be bit demanding! Tinsel loves being brushed and stroked, as well as playing with catnip toys. She likes going behind the blinds to look outside and watch the world going by and would make an ideal companion for a retired person.

Little Sammy came to us at 4 months old as a very underweight, undernourished and dehydrated kitten that was in shock. He’s recovering from his ordeal slowly but surely and is a friendly and easy going cat. Sammy is learning to play and his favorite toy is his teddy.
He also like sitting on the windowsill and having cuddles and strokes with his foster family.

To find out more about the black cats (and cats of other colours!) in our care, please visit: https://www.cats.org.uk/gateshead/adopt-a-cat