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Cat Men Do: Doting cat dads adopt unwanted Bob

11 May 2019
Cat Men Do: Doting cat dads adopt unwanted Bob Proud parents Tommy Atkins and John Beattie adopted ginger tom cat, Bob, from Cats Protection Gateshead and Newcastle branch in 2018.

“Bob is a member of our family,” explained Tommy. “Although he’s only lived with us for a year, we can’t imagine life without him!”

And with a reputation for being a ‘man’s man’, rescue cat Bob landed on his paws when he found his forever home with the cat-loving couple.

Tommy and John join a growing number of cat dads united by their love for cats and the pair hope to encourage more men to consider adopting a feline friend.

“We’re so happy that after a difficult start, Bob has become a people-person, so to speak. He loves snuggling with us and is an extremely affectionate and loyal cat. 

“If family or friends come over to visit, he’ll greet them with a meow, flirt a bit, then jump on their laps as soon as they sit down,” added Tommy.

But new research by Cats Protection shows that men who like dogs are still seen as more masculine than those who like cats. The charity is now aiming to put an end to this misconception - after all, it’s not just dogs that can be man’s best friend!

“It’s the little things that make your everyday life with a cat special. Every morning after Bob’s had his breakfast, he’ll come pounding into the bedroom to lie on top of whoever’s still in bed and will immediately fall asleep for one of his ten daily naps.

“He is a such a lovable cat and it’s been heart-warming to see how comfortable and confident he’s become with us and his surroundings. For one thing, I’ve never had so little memory on my phone. He is way too photogenic!”

Cats Protection is set to launch the Cat Men Do campaign on 14th May, celebrating proud cat dads and promoting the benefits of cat ownership for men.

“Our advice to anyone adopting a cat would be to show love, even if it is shy and distrusting at first,” said Tommy. “Love is a reciprocal thing for animals – they will come around and engage in a wonderful relationship if you treat them with care and respect.”

Find out more about the Cat Men Do campaign at www.cats.org.uk/cat-men-do