Rainbow bridge - Archive - 2013

Broxi (8th July 2011 - 24th March 2013)

This is broxi boy, who was sadly knocked down on Great Western Road. We got him at 7/8 weeks old he was such a beautiful boy and very popular in the area :) He was a very affectionate proud cat and was fantastic with my kids and was well behaved little cat. He was a beautiful natured wee cat - he loved my son pj so much followed him everywhere. I am so sad that he has gone too the rainbow bridge but hop he is in peace < 3 will miss him dearly rip broxi boy xxx

Karen Kemley

Mark (? - 14th August 2013)

Everyone at the Cats Protection Glasgow Branch is sad to report that branch stalwart Mark passed away recently at the grand old age of 20 years old.

Mark came into the care of the branch many years ago with a bad wound on his neck that took over 2 years to heal and left him with a skin condition that required regular treatment. Because of this medication requirement and his rather scruffy looks (although we think he had a certain rugged charm) Mark was overlooked by potential adopters and ended up joining the feline brood of top branch fosterer Liz. Very soon 'grumpy' Mark established himself as the boss of this catty gang. He became best pals with another long-time cat-in-care, one-eyed Timmy (who sadly crossed the 'Rainbow Bridge' last year), and a big brother to naughty kitten Neo. Who can forget that video of Mark teaching Neo how to groom himself? And not only was Mark was one of our most popular 'Sponsor a Cat' cats but he was also the star in this year's branch 2013 wall calendar - he's August's cat and very handsome he looks too.

We are all very upset that Mark is no longer with us to brighten up our lives. But we are sure that he has crossed the 'Rainbow Bridge' and is running free with all his catty friends and waiting for us to join him. We love you, Mark.

Cats Protection Glasgow Branch

Alfie (2009 - September 2013)

I fostered 5 beauties for a few weeks for Cats Protection until they were old enough to be homed and the wee one (Alfie) who was being bullied by his brothers and kept coming to me whenever I went into the room. I decided to adopt him. He was the sweetest boy ever and we had 4 lovely years together. Most nights he slept by my side. He stopped eating for a couple of days and I was getting worried. I made appointment for the vet and that night my daughter called to say that there was puss coming from his mouth, I rushed home from work and took him straight to the vet. He was kept in overnight and put on a drip for fluids. The next morning he had blood taken and I was told he had kidney failure. The vets tried him with more fluids but he just didn't respond and they suggested he was PTS as he was suffering. I went up and he was half the size in one day. I couldn't believe it was the same cat I took up the day before. I held him as they gave him his injection and he laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep.


Angus (2011-2013)

Angus was the funniest cat I ever met. He licked my nose at 5 months old and I fell in love. Whether it was licking the tv every night when i switched it off, or jumping three feet in the air for a toy, or his biting plastic bags, bobbles, catching bluebottles in his skilful way, he always entertained. Scared of the hoover,  he was never scared of giving me love , even if I was down. Rest in peace wee baby Angus.

Stella Howell