Rainbow bridge - 2012

Jammy (? - 17th December 2012)

Jammy 1Jammy 2Jammy 3

The most gentle, adoring little cat we had the fortune to adopt and care for two years. Jammy had Diabetes and had it for 3 years when we decided to adopt him from Cats Protection Glasgow Branch. He was so affectionate. Anyone who met him; fosterers, vets said he was “one of a kind”. So loving in fact when we took in a new arrival Rocky at 9 weeks he let Rocky suckle from him. They were never too far away from each other. They had a lovely 1 ¾ years together until Jammy’s health deteriorated. We fought all we could and so did Jammy but it was all too much. The most painful but kindest decision was made on 17th December 2011 aged almost 11 years.

We miss you so much - our sweetest little boy (Jammy Dodge, Jim Jams) and Rocky has lost his best friend. Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge, you are forever in our thoughts and our hearts. Love you always – good night Jim Jams.

Alen & Karen xxx

(3rd June 1999 - 28th June 2010)

Zak 1Zak 2Zak 3

Our precious boy left us on that awful unforgettable night.
We hope you are enjoying Rainbow Bridge
We will meet again x

Adele & Kenny

(August 2003 - January 2010)

Nell 1Nell 2Nell 3

I got Nell from the Glasgow Branch in Nov 2003 as a companion and weight loss assistance for my existing cat Simon. She never helped him lose any weight but she certainly brightened our lives for the 6 ½ years we were privileged to care for her. Nell was incredibly shy but very loving to those she knew and trusted, which made her cuddles all the more special. Sadly Nell developed lymphoma in Dec 2009 and despite the best efforts of Glasgow Vet School, we lost her in Jan 2010.

RIP Darling Little Cat xxx


(? - July 2012)

Very sadly, our 12 year old cat Allie, who we adopted from Cats Protection Glasgow in June 2011, passed away last week. She lived happily with my partner, Frazer, and I for the last year, sharing ownership of us with her sister, Fliss, and her little brother, Roger. Her favourite things were chicken, salmon, cuddles, and watching birds from the living room window. She was always a timid and affectionate little girl and we all loved her dearly.

Allie had always suffered from digestive problems, and recently became very unwell. As she was in great discomfort we decided to let her pass peacefully before her health deteriorated still further. By choosing to let her go at this time, we were able to ensure she passed without pain, in the arms of the people who loved her most in the world. We only had a year with Allie, but it felt like we’d known and loved her all of our lives. We love you Allie, and we ask that you never forget it xx


Rebecca is a Cats Protection Blogger. Read her full tribute at http://missrmjones.com/2012/07/31/farewell-allie/

Poppi (13th November 1996- 4th August 2012)

We sadly lost our beloved sixteen year old Poppi on the 4th of August, 2012. For years she lived happily with her sister Suki, my twelve year old daughter and myself. Poppi was a timid but loving and affectionate little lady who used to sit at the window in the living room every day when I got home from work. At night she would nestle on the pillow beside me and sometimes snuggle in beside my daughter too.

By the time Poppi was showing signs that something wasn’t right and I'd taken her to the vet, she was already in the final stages of renal failure. When her blood tests came back and the vet described them as extremely serious, I knew in my heart that she was in great discomfort, and so decided to let her pass away peacefully and with dignity before her health deteriorated even further. We miss her terribly but by choosing to let her go at this time, we were able to ensure that she suffered no more pain and passed away gently and at peace xx

Kelly Ann

Arthur, George, Olive & Precious
(July 2012 - August 2012)

Rest in peace little Arthur, George, Olive and Precious, who passed away in the middle of August 2012. Born to a feral mum and cared for by the volunteers at CP Giffnock Branch, you stole all our hearts as you all bravely struggled against an infection. Sadly, despite our best efforts, excellent veterinary support and the love and best wishes of all our supporters you crossed the Rainbow Bridge too early. We will never forget you, little ones, and we're sure you are now in a better place, playing happily together.

A kiss for you all - XXXX.

CP Giffnock Branch

(? - 16th March 2012)

Alfie came to us in 2009 for what was meant to be six months, he had FIV and needed a little extra love, which he got in bucketloads. He ended up staying and had two homes, one with Kirstin and one with Justin and me (nice to have variety when you can’t go outside). He spent his last year with Justin and myself  and was a bit of a celebrity, being photographed and filmed a lot!

He was there to greet you every day when you got in, loved chasing lasers, would snuggle at the end of the bed every night, and made sure your toes got a nibble in the morning if you weren’t up to feed him in time. He was Justin’s night time buddy once I went to bed and a real male bond was formed. Unfortunately the FIV got the better of him when his kidneys failed in March 2012. We were with him to the end, making sure he knew he was loved. He has left a massive hole in our lives, this unexpected visitor truly became part of the family. We miss him dearly xx

Laura Dolan