Success stories - Adopt a cat

SUCCESS STORY: Honey (adopted 17 february 2021 - update 20 February 2021)


Beautiful Honey was adopted on 17 February 2020 by Donna and family and is celebrating her 1 year adoption anniversary today.

Honey is a super sweet cat who has epilepsy, and although Honey has un underlying health issue this never deterred Donna and family who fell in love with her the moment they seen her. A wee update has been received which we would love to share with you.

Hiya, just wanted to give you a wee update on Honey. I adopted her a year ago today, and it's the best thing I ever did ❤️ I love her so much and she makes me so happy every day. She's had a bit of a hard time with seizures but after having another medication added she's been doing great. Xx


SUCCESS STORY: Jasmine & Oscar (adopted 20 october 2020 - update 4 February 2021)


Beautiful tabby female cat Jasmine & her brother Oscar (previously Dobby) were adopted by Christine & family on 20 October 2020 and have now been in their forever home for just over 3 months.

Christine has sent a wee update and let us know that Jasmine & Oscar have both settled in and made themselves right at home and they couldn't imagine life without them.


SUCCESS STORY: Marley (adopted 19 December 2020 - update 17 January 2021)


Here is handsome 2 year old Marley (previously Pepsi) who was adopted just before we closed for Christmas by Hazel & family and he has been in his forever home for 4 weeks.

Malrley’s family have forwarded a wee update & some photos and let us know that he settled in without any bother and has completely taken over the house.


SUCCESS STORY: Edd (adopted January 2017 - update 4 January 2021)

Handsome Eddington was adopted in January 2017 by Katie & family and has now been with his “forever” family for 4 years. Katie has very kindly sent a wee update which we would like to share with you.

Today is the day, four years ago, that we adopted our Eddington, a former stray, from you, and it's time for his annual update. Eddington has grown to enjoy lockdown in our company (he initially thought our presence was INVASIVE): now someone is always on hand to open and shut doors for him (who can be bothered with squeezing through a catflap?), and there are even more opportunities for his beauty to be admired (he very much enjoys being told how gorgeous he is, but then who wouldn't?). He's so good with being brushed, and now turns around ready for me to lift him up so I can get under his tum!

He looks regal and standoffish, but is extremely playful, at his happiest galumping around after his feather on a stick or his catnip nana. One of the photos in the montage below shows his huge furry bum sticking out of his toy basket during early evening selection time. His fanbase continues to grow (check out Eddington and friends on fb!). He is great company, terribly spoiled, and a real character. He is EDDINGTON. 


SUCCESS STORY: Bonnie & Clyde (adopted 1 June 2019 - update 3 January 2021)


Former branch siblings Bonnie (grey in colour) & Clyde would love to wish everyone a “Happy New Year”.

Wee ones were adopted on 1 June 2019 by Harvey & family and are best buddies, never far apart and always keeping their family on their toes with their mischievous kitty capers.

With the colder weather they haven’t venture out much, preferring the warmth and comfort of indoors and who can blame them.