Adopt a Cat 2018

SUCCESS STORY: Ella (adopted 4 November 2018 -update 20 November 2018)


Beautiful Ella was adopted on 4 November 2018 by Anne & family and we have received  a wee update from Anne as follows:

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all at CP Glasgow Branch for all your hard work and dedication and in particular for allowing us to adopt Ella.

We can't believe it's almost 3 weeks since this little lady arrived and as you can see she has made herself right at home. She is a very affectionate, clever and playful girl whose interests include her play tunnel, chasing ping pong balls and watching the birds and squirrels from her windows - a perfect little furry lodger who we now could not imagine life without.

Thanks again x x


SUCCESS STORY: Oreo & Stewie (adopted 9 November 2018 - update 18 November 2018)


Oreo & Stewie were adopted by Elise & family on 9 November 2018 and have now been in their "forever" home for nearly 2 weeks.

Elise has sent a wee update which we just had to share:

Hi all! Just wanted to provide an update on Oreo and Stewie.

They are doing wonderfully! Stewie immediately went to sleep on my sofa as you can see below and has now claimed that spot as his!

Oreo did some exploring, including spending a few expected hours hiding in my wardrobe and under my bed. She did come out once Stewie had shown her it was ok.

Elise x


SUCCESS STORY: Aria & Ava (adopted 27 October 2018 - update 17 November 2018)

Shy little kittens Aria & Ava were adopted on 27 October 2018 by Jane & Mark and have now been in their forever home for nearly 3 weeks. Jane & Mark have sent an update as follows:

Hi there- a wee update on Aria and Avar, nearly 3 weeks from adoption day!  Hiding away for the initial couple of days of course, but every day has seen such progress- faster than we expected! You can just see their trust growing. We’ve had lots and lots of play, chat, and even a few strokes 😁.

They’ve got two ‘safe bed’ areas, with cosy blankets- one under the sofa and one under the bed! 

They of course have two lovely comfy igloo type ‘normal ‘ cat beds waiting for when they no longer need that extra security!

Two happy kitties and two happy cat parents - thanks so much for letting us adopt these two, we were so impressed by you all and how efficient the whole adoption process was. We love them so much already and they are going to have the best life !!

Lots of love from Jane, Mark, Avar and Aria

SUCCESS STORY: Archie & Anya (previously Arva & Arya) adopted 29 October 2018 - update 10 November 2018)


Shy little kittens Archie & Anya were adopted on 29 October 2018 by Jodie & family and have now been in their forever home for nearly 2 weeks. Jodie has very kindly sent us an update on the wee ones which we would like to share with you:

Hi - I just wanted to get in touch and let you know the kittens are settling in fine. We have had them for nearly two weeks now and Arva (who we are now calling Archie) is really relaxed, Arya (who we have renamed Anya) is much more timid but we're getting there slowly but surely with her.

I have been taking lots of pics of them and have attached a few.

Thank you so much for all of your help with them, they have brought us so much joy and hopefully we will to them too! x


SUCCESS STORY: Gizmo (adopted October 2016 - update 7 November 2018)

Handsome Gizmo was adopted on 31 October 2016 by Pauline & family and has been with his “forever” family for just over two years.

A wee update has been received from Pauline which we would love to share with you:

Hi, just a little update on Gizmo, we got him 2 years ago when he was 16 weeks old, he was a rescue cat that was found along with his mum and brother Milo behind a bin in Govan, and as part of a special appeal we adopted him.

Since then he's been an absolute delight, he loves his big brother Ziggy, and his other (human) sister, brother, mum and dad too. He loves to play and run around and gives the best head bumps and cutest meows ever, he even helps me with my college study lol, we can't imagine life without him 😁

Thanks again 😁


SUCCESS STORY: Kara (adopted 8 August 2018 - updated 7 November 2018)

Beautiful black & white female cat Kara (previously Dina) was adopted on 8 August 2018 by Katie & family and has now been in her “forever” home for just over 3 months.  

Katie has let us know that Kara took a wee while to settle in but now she is fully settled and made herself very much at home.

She's still not keen on visitors to the house but now loves her wee brother Kevin (would you believe he’s only 5 months old now and bigger than Dina!)  and she is also getting on great with her big sister Bonny, our family dog!


SUCCESS STORY: Sammie adopted 13 October 2018 - update 5 November 2018)


Beautiful Sammie was adopted on 13 October 2018 by Ciara & family and has now been in her “forever” home for just over 3 weeks.

Ciara has very kindly sent us a wee update which we would love to share:

Hiya!! I just wanted to send you a wee update on Sammie who we adopted through you 😊

She settled in almost immediately, and now spends most of her time snoozing or sitting on our laps looking for cuddles! She’s really come out of her shell and will give you a friendly wee bat with a paw if you dare try to send a text when she’s getting patted haha!

Thank you so much for letting us adopt her ☺️☺️☺️


SUCCESS STORY: Milly (adopted 4 October 2018 - updated 29 October 2018)


Beautiful Milly was adopted by Lorna on 4 October 2018 and has now been in her “forever” home for just over 3 weeks.
Lorna has very kindly sent us a wee update which we would love to share:

Milly has settled in so quickly and made herself at home within days. There are so many places for her to explore, high & low and she just loves playing and is keeping me fit lol

I feel as if she has been with me for months and I love her so much.

Thank you for choosing this little bundle of fun for me

Love Lorna x


SUCCESS STORY: Marvel (Updated 23 October 2018)


Beautiful Marvel was adopted by Liz on 18 October and has now been in her “forever” home for 5 days.

Liz has very kindly sent us a wee update which we would love to share:

Hi there, just wanted you to know that Marvel is settling in well. Was under bed for day or so but so much better now, out playing, very friendly, purring like mad.

Pic attached of her relaxing on one of her various beds!

Love her to bits and thanks for allowing me to adopt her πŸ’–πŸ±

Liz x


SUCCESS STORY: Shadow (updated 20 October 2018)


Beautiful Shadow was adopted by Gemma & Martin and a lovely wee update has been received which we would like to share with you:

Hi, we thought we would send you a quick update on how Shadow is getting on after 2 months in her new home.

Well, she settled straight in within 5 minutes of arriving with us, rolling on her back purring and looking  for tummy rubs.

She is very much enjoying being back outdoors again, and has made friends with all of the neighbours and their cats.

She is really the perfect cat - she never bites or scratches and is very, very affectionate. I have sent a couple of photos showing her in her new territory.

Overall, we are absolutely delighted with Shadow and we wanted to  thank you very much for rehoming her with us.
Best wishes

Gemma & Martin x


SUCCESS STORY: Simba (adopted 21 January 2018 - update 20 September 2018)


Handsome Simba was adopted on 21 January 2018 by Mary & family and has been in his “forever home for 8 months.
Mary has sent a wee update which we would love to share with you:

Simba has settled perfectly into his new home and is ruling the roost. He quickly became a member of the family and it’s like he has always been there.

He is such a friendly and curious cat who likes to get involved with everything that goes on in the house. He is in amongst it all even when the house is overrun by the grandchildren.

As you can see from the middle pic, Simba totally loves Paul O’Grady and will happily sit for hours and watch “For The Love of Dogs”!!

Best wishes

Mary x


SUCCESS STORY: Sasha (adopted 15 August 2018 - updatded 20 August 2018)


Beautiful 12 year old Sasha was adopted by Samantha & family on 15 August 2018 and has now been in her “forever” home for 5 days.

Samantha has very kindly sent us a wee update which we would love to share:

Hi there, here are a few pictures taken of Sasha over the last few days.

She has settled in well - we think.

Clearly, she is still getting used to us & didn’t purr until after 10pm the first evening. Although she sleeps a lot, when she is awake she spends the time with us and likes to follow us around the house.

She is such a lovely natured wee thing and is the first cat we have had that runs towards a grooming brush rather than away from it.
Thank you so much for all your help

Kind regards

Samantha x


SUCCESS STORY: Polly (adopted 22 July 2018 - update 12 August 2018)


Beautiful Polly (Previously Cleo) was adopted by Laura on 22 July 2018 and has now been in her “forever” home for nearly 3 weeks.

Laura has very kindly sent us a wee update which we would love to share:

Hi there, I adopted Polly three weeks ago and just wanted to give you an update on how she’s getting on.

Polly is full of energy and enjoys running around the flat with her favourite watermelon toy and string. And as you’ll see from the photos, she’s also enjoying the views and has taken to hiding in my backpack.
Thanks to everyone at the branch for introducing us.

All the best

Laura x


SUCCESS STORY: Harry (adopted Septenber 2016 - updated 7 August 2018)


Harry was adopted by Gillian & her family in September 2016 and has now been in his "forever" home for nearly 2 years.

Harry has sent a wee update which we just had to share:

Hi Cats Protection peoples, Harry here! My hooman thought that I should give you an update on how I've been getting on since I moved to my furrever home in September 2016.

My hooman looks after me very well, providing toys, treats and food whenever I demand, even at 4am in the morning! πŸ˜‚ In return I allow them to sleep in the bed with me, but only on the edge! The middle is for me, purrr.

I get to play outside whenever I like as I have my own door, but if the hooman is home, then I must insist that they open the big door, meow.

Here's some pics of me enjoying my new life.

Love and headbutts,

Harry xx


SUCCESS STORY: Parker (adopted 3 August 2017 - update 4 August 2018)


Remember Parker, the wee cat who came into care of the branch as a stray with a broken leg & an injury to his front paw in early 2017?

Parker was adopted on 3 August 2017 by Kate & her family and has just celebrated his first anniversary with his “forever” family.

Kate has sent us an update & some photos of Parker and what a difference and we think you’ll agree:

Hiya! Just wanted to give you a wee update on Parker since we adopted him. He was very nervous to start with and spent the first few days hiding in the bed. But since he's found his feet here a bit he's really coming out of his shell and is an absolute delight to have around.

He's got a lovely personality which we're now getting to see and he's eating everything in sight.

So glad we chose him - he's the perfect fit for our family!

Love Kate & family x

SUCCESS STORY:  Monty (previously Harry adopted 18 July 2018 - update 1 August 2018)


Handsome Monty who was previously Harry was adopted on Wednesday 18 July 2018 by Christine and has now been in his “forever” home for two weeks. Christine has sent a wee update which we would love to share with you:


Just wanted to send some pictures and an update on Harry. He’s had a name change to Monty and is settling in well. He is playful and purry and loves a good snuggle and snooze. It already feels like he has always been here.

Thanks to everyone at Cats Protection Glasgow Branch for your help.

Monty and I are pleased to be part of the Cats Protection family.

Love Monty and Christine x


SUCCESS STORY: Bluebell & Harley (adopted 30 June 2018 - updated 17 July 2018)


Kittens Bluebell & Harley were adopted by Jayne & family on 30 June 2018 and have now been in their forever home for just over 2 weeks. Jane has very kindly sent us an update on the wee ones which we would like to share with you:

Hi, just wanted to let you know that Bluebell and Harley have well and truly settled in & have been absolute darlings. They enjoy chasing each other all around the house and are two wee bundles of mischief that just don’t know what to get up to next.

We love our little furbabies to bits, they have been a wonderful addition to our family and we are delighted we were given the chance to adopt them.

Love Jayne x

SUCCESS STORY:  Prince (adopted 16 June 2018 - update 10 July 2018)

Prince was adopted on 16 June 2018 by Gail & family and has now been in his “forever” home for nearly 4 weeks. Gayle has sent an update & some photos which we would love to share with you:

Hi there, just sending an update on how Prince is doing in his new home.

He is settling into his new home great, after a few days he was exploring the house and seemed very comfortable in all rooms. He loves to cuddle up on the sofa and loves affection also enjoys playing with his toys and definitely loves his treats.

Thank you for all of your help and support you have given me in the process of adopting Prince, it was very much appreciated.

Love Gail x


SUCCESS STORY: Malcolm (adopted 28 May 2018 - updated 20 June 2018)


Handsome Malcolm was adopted on 28 May 2018 by Angie & family and has now been in his “forever” home for 4 weeks. Angie has very kindly sent an update which we would like to share with you:

Hi guys,

Thought I'd send you a wee update on Malcolm as I know he was very popular on the page.

Well firstly, he is now Boris. I was outvoted by my husband & son! He has settled in so well with us and has made himself at home very quickly. He is such a happy cat, so friendly & always looking for attention. I've never known a cat to purr almost constantly!!

He's a pain in the bum at night as he likes to waken us frequently for more head rubs. And scratch at the door till you give up and let him in. Health wise, he has been no problem so far (fingers crossed). We have stuck to his required diet and no IBS issues at all.

He is also very relaxed with both our dogs, not fussed by them at all. They'll all happily lie sleeping close to each other. Oddly, he also loves to listen to my son practicing his double bass! He has really came into his own in the last couple of days when we started letting him out. He loves exploring the garden and surrounding neighbourhood and is jumping around & up and down fences like a kitten.

In summary then, he definitely seems to love his forever home, we adore him & he is very much a part of our family now!
Thank you so much for allowing us to give him his forever home, & a massive thank you to his fosterers Nicole & Dan for doing such a wonderful job with him X

SUCCESS STORY: Coisty (adopted 12 Feb 2018 - update 19 May 2018)


Handsome Coisty was adopted by Paul & family on 12 February 2018 and has now been in his “forever” home for just over 3 months. Paul has very kindly sent us a wee update which just had to share:

Hi just wanted to give an update on Coisty

We adopted Coisty just over three months ago and he has come on leaps and bounds since. He was a bit shy at first but has come out his shell now.

He loves to be near us and will follow us from room to room. He loves his toys, his favourite being his catnip shark. He loves cuddling up on the couch with us, he’s even happy enough to come up to sit in our lap.

We are so happy we could give him his forever home as he is such a calm and loving cat.

We have attached some photos.

Best wishes Paul


SUCCESS STORY:  Batman (adopted 23 Feb 2018 - update 19 March 2018)

Batman was adopted on 23 February 2018 by Kayley and has now been in his “forever” home for nearly 4 weeks. Kayley has sent an update & some photos which we would love to share with you:

Hi, I though you would like an update about how Batman is getting on.

After two weeks of hiding he strolled up to me one day, meowed until I clapped him and hasn't wanted to leave my side since! He's doing absolutely brilliantly. He has turned into quite the lap cat and is always looking for a spare minute of mine to demand cuddles and plop himself into my lap- no matter what I'm doing! He has so much love to give so I think we are perfect for each other.

He's even into a regular feeding schedule, using his tray and loves to play with his toys (of which he has many). His favourite place to be scratched is under his chin and his belly! He loves perching on the windowsill and watching all the cars and people outside. He's just absolutely perfect and I think we make each other very happy. I've attached some pictures of him for you guys

I just want to thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to care for him. I am so grateful he has come into my life and I plan on making him happy for as long as possible. Thank you so much!

Love & best wishes Kayley x


SUCCESS STORY:  Harvey (adopted 15 October 2017 - updated 20 February 2018)


Harvey was adopted on 15 October 2017 by Laura & family and has now been in his “forever” home for 4 months. Laura has sent an update & some photos as follows:

Hi there,

We adopted Harvey in October last year and he settled in perfectly, was straight into bed the first night and has made himself quite at home!

He's absolutely crazy and such a laugh!
He's a character for sure, he loves being up high & sitting on top of the door is one of his favourite spots and he's got a climbing frame which he loves sitting on the top of like a king.

Thanks again for introducing us to our wee boy ☺ X

Love Laura x


SUCCESS STORY: Emily (adopted 12 Jan 2018 - updated 19 Feb 2018)


Beautiful Emily was adopted on 12 January 2018 by Pam & David and has now been in her “forever” home for 5 weeks.

Pam & David have very kindly sent an update which we would like to share with you:

Hello! We just wanted to share an update on Emily who has now been with us for five weeks.

She has settled in very well and is enjoying her new home. She is still loving her mouse tickler toy and has enjoyed being
outside for the first time today. She likes to make herself comfortable on the couch or spying out of the window.

We love having her around, she's great!

Pam & David x


SUCCESS STORY: Friedrich (aka Freddie)


Remember little Freddie who came into care in November 2017, very neglected, underweight and then we discovered he had a heart murmer and would need to be kept on daily medication to help his heart murmer.

Freddie was adopted in December 2017 by Claire and settled straight into his “forever” home. Over the past two months Claire renamed him Friedrich and gave him lots of love, care & attention and what a transformation - Friedrich has thrived and is now a handsome, young cat who is almost unrecognisable from when he first came into care.

Claire has sent an update which we would love to share:

Hi, I wanted to send a wee update on Friedrich  (formerly Freddie). He's had me for 8 weeks now and is doing so well.

He has gained weight and confidence and gets on well with the other cats. He's been exploring the garden and has quickly sussed out how to use the cat flap to get back into the warm.

He is spoiled rotten with toys and cat beds and I love him to bits

Love Claire x


SUCCESS STORY:  Sox (adopted 13 January 2018 - updated 6 February 2018)


Handsome Sox was adopted on 13 January 2018 by Lisa and has now been in his “forever” home for just over 3 weeks.

Lisa has sent some photos and a wee update to let us know Sox is doing fine & settling in well x


SUCCESS STORY: Sasha (adopted 17 December 2017 - updated 25 Jan 2017)

Beautiful Sasha was adopted on 17 December 2017 by Andrea & family and has now been in her “forever” home for 4 weeks. Sasha has very sent a wee update which we would like to share with you:

Hi Cats Protection!

I just thought I would send a little update as I have been in my forever home for a month now, and let me tell you I’ve certainly made myself at home 🐱

My tummy is doing much better so I don’t need to go back to the vet for a while now. Phew!!

I love chin rubs and doing back flips trying to catch my toys and my fav thing to do is attempt to steal the ham from my humans! I have yet to succeed

Lots of love




SUCCESS STORY: Norman (adopted 20 November 2017 – updated 17 January 2018)

Handsome Norman was adopted on 20 November 2017 by Miller and has now been in his “forever” home for 2 months. Miller’s partner has very kindly sent a wee update on Norman which we would like to share with you:

Hi all, Just thought some of you might like an update on Norman.

My boyfriend adopted Norman 8 weeks ago and I have to say he's and absolute sweetheart. His favourite things to do are stare at the birds from the windows and play with the water out of the tap. He goes crazy for feather toys and balled up bits of paper.

We were told he wasn't much of a lap cat but he's starting to sleep on our laps more often. I've attached some pics, hope you all enjoy them x


SUCCESS STORY: Sage (adopted 8 October 2017 - updated 12 January 2018)


Beautiful Sage (previously Soy) was adopted on 8 October 2017 by Ishbel & family and has now been in her “forever” home for nearly 3 months. Ishbel has very kindly sent an update on Sage which we would like to share with you:

Hello, I'm Ishbel, in October I adopted Sage (previously Soy, we changed her name), a wee black cat who was put up for adoption after a change in her previous familys circumstances. Monday 8th Jan 2018 marks our three month anniversary with the little cutie, so thought you might fancy an update.

She's settled in incredibly well, and seems to be loving life. Sage splits her time sleeping, playing and eating, and her most favourite thing in the world is to steal plastic bags and sit on them. Close second is waking us at 3am with head bunts for playtime.

We love Sage and everything about her, from her little nose boops against our noses, the fact she's a purr machine, and her butt wiggles when the mysterious red dot appears...

 I've attached a few photos to show her in all her cuteness!

 Thank you so much for choosing us to adopt her!

 Ishbel and Kevin x


SUCCESS STORY: Gizmo (adopted 14 December 2017 - updated 10 January 2018)


Handsome little Gizmo was adopted on 14 December 2017 by Claire & Dan and has now been in his “forever” home for nearly 4 weeks.

We know many of you have been asking how Gizmo is getting on, well we have received a fantastic update which we would love to share as follows:

Hi, Just a little update on Gizmo...

Hopefully the pictures show that he has more than settled and already rules the roost in our house!!! He is very much part of our family and we absolutely adore him.

His behaviour patterns are eat, sleep, play, repeat! You said he had a quirky personality and he has not disappointed!!

We are unable to relax on the sofa without him climbing all over us for cuddles and he insists on taking up half of our bed every night! He also loves his food and is not shy in letting us know when he is hungry. Play time is also good fun!

We were spoilt with gifts over the festive period and much of what was given to us was actually for Gizmo!

We cannot thank CP enough for bringing Gizmo into our lives and feel very lucky to have him.

Claire and Dan x