Adopt a Cat 2019

SUCCESS STORY: Peppy (adopted January 2018 - update August 1 2019)

Handsome 3 & ½ year old Peppy was adopted by Gavin & family on 22 January 2018 and has been in his furever home for a year and a half now. A wee update has been received which we would love to share:

Peppy arrived at mum’s house with a naturally cautious approach. He adjusted to his new surroundings quickly and as it’s a busy house with carers and family coming and going, he had a lot to deal with.

Peppy rapidly became calmer and settled in happily. Soon mum and Peppy became best buddies, while mum got the company and physical contact she craved. Peppy had the run of the house, gardens and local area, soon bringing mum several little presents including decapitated mice, birds and various unfortunate mammals that crossed his path while he was out on the hunt.

He is a super affectionate cat and mum loves him to bits. It’s like he has always been here and there are no negatives, unless you count the present deliveries!

Mum would recommend Cats Protection to anyone considering getting a cat as the process was smooth, pain free and highly professional.

Best wishes Gavin


SUCCESS STORY: Bluebell & Harley (adopted 30 June 2019 - update 30 June 2019)


Bluebell & Harley were adopted by Jayne & family on 30 June 2018 and have now been in their forever home one year “today”. Jane has very kindly sent us an update on the wee ones which we would like to share with you:

1 year ago today we brought home these gorgeous babies Bluebell and Harley (stripe down her nose) and now we would be lost without them.

They are so funny with their different, quirky personalities and very much loved. Bluebell is such a snuggle bunny and definitely a mummy's girl (follows me everywhere) she's the first one to come running to anyone who comes in tail high in the air and so nosey.

Harley is a little more reserved, she makes you work for it (unless you're her big human brother)πŸ˜‚ though she is the one to watch, curiosity has almost got her a couple of times, so far she's almost drowned herself & had to be resuscitated after biting through the iron cord, but came out unscathed thankfully, it's always the quiet oneπŸ˜‚ everything is now measured in what can Harley get up to with this hahaha. And always lies with her right leg extended to rest her head upon.
In short they are 2 tiny kittens who we have been having the pleasure to watch growing into confident, funny and slightly spoiled family members.

Thank you Cat Protection for my babies😍❀😁😘😘 Jayne


SUCCESS STORY: Dylan (previously Sammy adopted 7 May 2019 - update 11 June 2019)

Handsome Dylan (aka Sammy) who came from the multi-cat household was adopted on 7 May 2019 by Hazel & Blake has been in his furever home for 5 weeks now and an update has been received which we would love to share:

Hi everyone,

First of all we just wanted you to know that we are so grateful for allowing us to adopt Sammy. He has now been renamed Dylan!!!

The first few days were challenging to say the least but after only 4 days he decided to come out from under our bed for a cuddle or two. Since then he has made great progress. He now spends most of his time out in daylight and charges into every room in the house announcing his presence!

He’s a very chatty cat. He loves attention and getting brushed. In fact you could spend the entire day doing it. He cuddles up to us in bed and now comes down to meet us when we come in from work. Such a difference not having to coax him out from under our bed with dreamies!

There’s still a lot of work to be done as he’s still very nervous however he’s so affectionate and never fails to make us smile with his crazy antics.

Kind regards

Hazel and Blake


SUCCESS STORY: Tiggy (adopted 24 March 2019 - update 26 April 2019)


Handsome 5 year old Tiggy was adopted on 24 March 2019 by Kimberley & family and has now been with his “forever” family for just over a month. Tiggy did take a wee while to settle into his new home and kept his new family on their toes but with lots of love & patience he is now one very content cat.

A wee update has been received which we would love to share with you as follows:

Tiggy has now settled very well and following a few “escape and recover” incidents he is now officially an outdoor cat again and very happy.

He is an absolutely adorable cat… and such a wee character too ....  and I am very grateful to his foster family Ken and Debbie for their support during Tiggy’s settling period.

Best wishes Kimberley x

SUCCESS STORY: Marmalade (adopted August 2017 - update 22 April 2019)


14 year old Marmalade was adopted in August 2017 by John & Lesley and has been with his “forever” family for 19 months.

Despite having a number of health issues, with love & care from his family Marmalade is thriving and enjoying this glorious sunshine and John & Lesley have very kindly sent us an update:

Here's some pics of our boy Marmalade enjoying the sunshine. He is doing great and has fitted in perfectly to our family, he’s a great wee cat and we love him to bits x


SUCCESS STORY: Snuggles & Tink (adopted 19 March 2019 - update 17 April 2019)


Brother & Sister Snuggles & Tink were adopted on 19 March 2019 by Stephen & Hannah and have been in their forever home for 5 weeks. A wee update has been received which we would love to share:


It has been 5 weeks now since we first brought Tink and Snuggles home and we are delighted to let you know that they have settled into their new home very well. They are getting so much attention right now, with many new toys (including a (RC) Lamborghini that Snuggles follows from room to room).

Here are a few photos of them relaxing in their new home.

Thank you for your dedicated work

Stephen and Hannah x


SUCCESS STORY: Ozzy (adopted October 2018 - update 19 March 2019)


Regal15 year old Ozzy was adopted in October 2018 by Leigh & family and has now been with his “forever” family for nearly 6 months.

A wee update has been received which we would love to share with you as follows:

Hi, Ozzy is doing so well. He hid for the first week or so but now he’s so affectionate, loves pats and just wants to snooze on our laps all the time.

Also he loves to play with his ball!! We’re so surprised at how active he is, he doesn’t seem like an old man at all

Best wishes Leigh x


SUCCESS STORY: Oscar (adopted 26 February 2018 - update 3 March 2019)


Handsome 8 year old Oscar was adopted on 26 February 2018 and has now been with his “forever” family for just over a year.

A wee update has been received which we would love to share with you as follows:

Hi, just to say hello a year since Oscar adopted us as his forever humans.

He continues to enjoy being at the centre of action, but has mellowed into us.

Enjoying cuddles though very much at his demands.

Thank you for allowing us to take him on.

Drew and Murray


SUCCESS STORY: Alfie & Bailey (adopted 26 September 2018 - update 25 February 2019)


Brothers Alfie & Bailey were adopted on 26 September 2018 by Emma & Lewis and have been in their forever home for 5 months. A wee update has been received which we would love to share:

Hi there,

We adopted Alfie & Bailey from yourselves back in September and we wanted to let you know how they are. Both of our boys are doing really well - they made the place their own from day one and are enjoying causing some trouble. We just wanted to say that we are very grateful that you chose us as they have been the perfect fit into our lives and we can’t imagine not having them around.

We have attached some pictures of them both to this email as well.

Many thanks & best wishes

Emma & Lewis x


SUCCESS STORY: Finn & Luthien (adopted 25 November 2018 - update 6 February 2019)


Shy little 5 month old kittens Finn & Luthien (aka Calvin & Chrissie) were adopted by Francis & family on 25 November 2018 and have now been in their "forever" home for over 10 weeks.

Francis has sent a wee update as follows:

Having adopted Calvin and Chrissie late November, I have realised we haven't sent any updates on them!

They have both settled in exceptionally well, and while we liked their original names, we did decide to rename them Finn (Calvin) and Luthien (Chrissie)

They are both now very affectionate with myself and my partner and whilst Finn is very adventurous in terms of exploring, he is still a little uncertain of new people, up until they have food in their hands....

They both love to sleep on the bed and have regular cuddles, with Luthien loving nothing more than curling up with her head resting on an arm or a pillow!

She is more than happy to be picked up now, and while Finn isn’t sure about it, he is making improvements.

They seem to love their new home and seem very happy!

We hope they are as happy as they have made us!

Thank you


SUCCESS STORY: Norman (adopted 20 November 2017 - update 17 January 2018)


Handsome Norman was adopted on 20 November 2017 by Miller & family and has been in his forever hoem for just over a year. A wee update has been received which we would love to share:

Hi all, I thought you might like an update on Norman. My partner adopted him over a year ago and I have to say he has well and truly settled in now. He's like our little shadow, no matter where you go he has to be there and he loves to give a helping paw when you need to make the (his) bed. He also has a thing for watching the snooker when it's on the TV. He was very quiet to being with but now he will meow very loudly for a treat or some attention. Can't begin to tell you how much we love him thanks again for letting us adopt him x


SUCCESS STORY: Maisie Moo (adopted 15 January 2018 - update 15 January 2019)

Beautiful 10 year old Maisie Moo was adopted in January 2017 by Eilish & family and has now been in her “forever” home for a year. Eilish has very kindly sent a wee update which we would like to share with you:

Exactly a year ago today we took home our beautiful Maisie Moo. Life hasn’t been the same since we got her, we feel as if we’ve had her for years. She never stops talking, loves getting brushed and tickled and playing with her toys and she even has a few tricks up her sleeve. Thank you Cats Protection for our wee girly