Success Stories - 2014

Albert adopted October 2014

Albert was adopted by Suzie and her husband last month.  They are newly weds and Suzie has told us that Albert has made them feel like a little family.  As you can see, Albert has certainly settled into his new home and we love the picture where Albert has taken ownership of the bed and settled down for a snooze on his back!  Albert has brought so much happy loving energy into their home and Suzie and her husband are so glad they were able to offer him a loving home.  Thanks for taking a chance on this little one, he's clearly having the time of his life!

Cora (formerly Tasha) adopted October 2014

Tasha was adopted by Johanna in October 2014 and Johanna has sent us in an update for this little lady who is now called Cora.
Tasha was one of the cats rescued from a multiple cat household.  She's only 3 but is very small and had already had 2 litters this year when she was rescued - hard to imagine when you see her. She was officially adopted last Sunday and, after a couple of tentative sniffs and mews about the kitchen, Tasha found a cosy place to nest in an open suitcase under the bed and stayed there quite happily for about 6 hours! She was finally tempted out by food and cuddles just as Downton Abbey was starting - so I've now renamed her 'Cora'. She was then brave enough to explore her new home by herself and after lots of cuddles and encouragement settled down for the night.  
Since then, she's come on leaps and bounds, and is very much a typical tortie, exploring her new home, and finding the cosiest - and the most precarious - places to nest! Her favourites are in the bookcase (she now has her very own little shelf), under the bed, and on top of the kitchen cabinets! Despite being bought a lovely cat bed, she prefers to sleep in a box lid on the arm of the sofa when she's not playing with her 'Gone Fishin' teaser' toy or watching the West End from the big windows, that is! She's also had her first-ever Dreamies, which went down a treat! It took her a wee while to learn how to play with all her toys, but now she's got the hang of it, nothing is safe! Apart from eating a house plant (which has had to be relocated outside for its own safety) and leaping atop the kitchen cupboards, she's been very well behaved. She now sleeps at the end of my bed every night, and wakes me up in the morning by jumping up on my bedside cabinet and mewing right in my ear. :)
She's a lovely, sociable cat, and though a wee bit frightened at first, has come out of her shell completely, and is very friendly and affectionate to everyone who comes to see her. She follows me around the flat like a puppy when I'm pottering about, and climbs onto my shoulder for cuddles and head bumps. She loves sleeping on my dressing gown - if I have it on, she's there like a flash! She's even settled in well enough to let me give her tummy rubs - high praise indeed.

What a lovely update to receive, we are all delighted that Cora is enjoying life in her new home!

Macy (formerly Fred) adopted October 2014

Fred was adopted by Kirsty and James last month and renamed Macy.  Kirsty let us know that she is settling in very well.  Macy is very affectionate and and loves a cuddle on the sofa.  She also likes to chase the ball when football is on the television.  Macy is very happy being part of a family and her family love her very much too!  Thanks for the update Kirsty, we are delighted Macy has found her forever home.

Jax (formerly Montana) adopted September 2014

Montana was adopted by Laura in September of this year and renamed Jax. Jax has settled in very well and Laura has let us know that he is doing great.  He's a very friendly little guy and apparently a great alarm clock!  His favourite place to sleep in on the top of the fridge/freezer - well that's certainly an original spot, Jax!  It's great to see him getting on so well and thanks Laura for giving him his forever home.

Missy adopted July 2014


Missy was adopted by Kathy this summer.  Missy had been returned to the care of the branch because she couldn't settle in her indoor home.  This little lady was desperate to get outside and look at her now!  She's loving life and our behaviourist is helping Kathy and Missy cope with her little cat strops.  Success all round, thanks for the update, Kathy.

Naboo (formerly Ringo) adopted July 2014

Ringo was adopted by Cate in July 2014 and renamed Naboo.  Cate let us know that Naboo is quite a character, so lively, cuddly and very playful.  He's a lovely boy who has settled in well and he loves his exercise tunnel, sitting at the window and Dreamies, of course!  The original pictures that Cate sent in were amazing but we had to resize them for here and they really don't do him justice as he is a stunning boy.  Thanks for the update Cate and have fun, Naboo, in your forever home.

Misty (adopted July 2014)

Misty was adopted by Kellyann in July 2014 and Kellyann sent us some photographs to show how she is getting on. Misty is quite a timid little girl but she is settling in fine and is very affectionate.  We think she looks like the cat that's got the cream in these photos, she's obviously delighted to have found her forever home and we are delighted for her. Thanks for letting us know how she's getting on, Kellyann.

Missy (adopted July 2014)

Missy was adopted by Kathy last month and is clearly enjoying life in her forever home.  Kathy let us know that Missy is settling in well and loves sitting at the window watching the world go by.  She has had a few hisses at her new brothers but that's about it.  She loves her food and runs for breakfast in the morning and does like to sit on a lap of an evening.  Her new family have chinchillas and Missy has now taken to climbing a ladder to see how they are doing in their custom built play area, although don't worry she is only able to look!  Kathy cannot believe how quickly Missy has settled in after only a few weeks and despite a couple of hissy fits, which our behaviourist is helping with, Missy is getting on great and we are all delighted.  Thanks for the update, Kathy!

Millie - formerly Wee Betty (adopted 2012)

It's always lovely to get further updates on how our former branch cats are doing.  Do you all remember Millie who was Wee Betty when she was with us?
Millie is now a wee old lady of 14 and has been with Kim, her adopter, for over 2 years now.  Millie has some ongoing health problems but after 18 months of being on a renal diet her kidney function is improving and her thyroid levels are stable.  Millie loves her special food and has a great appetite although she still insists on drinking water only from a running kitchen tap!
Kim tells us that Millie is as sweet and affectionate as ever and loves getting brushed and petted.  Kim moved house recently and she was worried that Millie would not adapt but she has and she loves the new large windows where she can sit and watch the world go by or sleep in her igloo bed which comes with hot water bottles wrapped in fluffy blankets!  Kim wanted to thank everyone at Cats Protection Glasgow for giving her the opportunity to adopt Millie - you are very welcome, we are delighted Millie is still doing so well!

Hamish (adopted May 2013)

We love getting update photos and here are a few of Hamish who you will remember was adopted by Julia just over a year ago.  Hamish is loved by all the family and we're not surprised - look at that gorgeous face!

Miss HIxxey & Mr Sharkey - formerly Serena & Milo (adopted March 2014)


Serena and Milo were adopted by Siobhan & Alan in March this year and renamed Miss HIxxey and Mr Sharkey (very swish!)  Miss Hixxey is very confident and settled into her new home right away but Mr Sharkey chose to hide for those first few days.  Now, a few months later, Miss HIxxey enjoys all the attention she gets and is particularly fond of belly rubs and her food!  Mr Sharkey has put on weight and at his last vet visit the vet was very happy with his progress and weight gain.  He is now doing very well, looks extremely happy and has a simple routine of food, play and sleep.
Everyone at the branch is delighted these two are doing so well and thanks Siobhan and Alan for welcoming them both into your home.

Gideon - formerly Cleo (adopted January 2013)

Cleo was adopted by Natalya in January 2013.  He was called Cleo (yep he's a boy but that the Glasgow branch for you!) but Natalya and her son renamed him Gideon.  Natalya wanted to reassure the branch that Gideon is a big part of their household and that they wouldn't be without him.  He settled in very quickly and one of his favourite things is to snuggle down with Natalya's son but he does take turns on whose bed he sleeps in.  He loves finding odd places to hide and his favourite thing in the whole world is Dreamies!

Judging by these pictures he is definitely the cat that got the cream (or a packet of his favourite snack!) and we are delighted that Natalya and her son took a chance on him.  Thanks guys!

Roxy and Zoe (adopted February 2014)

Roxy and Zoe, one pair of our fabulous kittens, were adopted by Samantha in February 2014.  The photographs above were taken within 90 minutes of the two arriving at their new home.  As you can see, they are settling in well. Samantha says they are very lively, curious and doing loads of exploring.  They also slept on Samantha's bed the first night so there is definitely nothing shy about these two!  Samantha still hasn't settled on names for them so, for now, they will continue to be the very gorgeous Roxy and Zoe.  Enjoy your new home ladies!

Kassa and Henry - formerly Purr (adopted September 2013)

Kassa and Purr (now renamed ‚ÄúHenry Pussycat‚ÄĚ) were adopted by Amy and James in September 2013.¬† Amy has sent us an update on how these two gorgeous felines are getting on:-

“Kassa was very shy and anxious at first but took to sleeping on the end of our bed within a week and since then has become more and more sociable; she now perches gingerly on the knee of whoever's sitting on the sofa and gives friendly headbutts in exchange for strokes.  She likes to sleep on top of radiators, to leap about chasing her feather-on-a-stick toy and to groom Henry when nobody's watching.
Henry was sprawling happily on the floor within ten minutes of entering the flat and has very much continued in that vein. He's the cuddliest lap cat possible and can usually be found either burrowed under a duvet or lying on top of a human, in both cases purring like an engine; he likes to watch the world go by from the big living-room window, to play hockey with tin foil balls in the bath and to make futile attempts to break into the cat food cupboard.  He's lost nearly a kilo on the diet we put him on and learnt several tricks (roll over, sit, etc.), which always impresses visitors! We can't imagine being without them now and they've brought us a great deal of pleasure so thanks to all at Cats Protection Glasgow Branch".

Thanks Amy, we are delighted they are getting on so well!

Milo (adopted January 2014)

Milo was adopted by Nikita and her partner in January of this year. Nikita has kindly given us an update on how Milo is doing and we're pleased to say that he has settled in very well. Nikita says that he is the most affectionate cat and follows her around like a puppy. This little guy has also found his voice and is very talkative! Nikita thanks all at Cats Protection Glasgow Branch for giving her and her partner the opportunity to adopt Milo and says that he has made them very happy. This little update has made us all very happy too!

Elsa - formerly Grace (adopted November 2013)

Grace was adopted by Angela and her partner in November 2013. They renamed her Elsa because she has a free spirit and looked like an Elsa. Grace had been named after the lovely lady who had found her crying and frightened in the back gardens of a tenement building in Ibrox, on the southside of Glasgow, and Angela thought that Grace was a beautiful name but it just didn't suit this little one. Grace, the lady who had found her, placed an advert on Gumtree to see if anyone was missing this cat and had posted a photograph of a frightened Elsa. This touched the heart of Angela and her partner and they contacted Grace about taking her.  By this time, Cats Protection Glasgow had got in touch with Grace and got involved in this little one's welfare as we do monitor sites that allow animal adverts.
Elsa was taken into care and after all her vet checks we contacted Angela to see if she was still interested in adopting Elsa and she was!  Elsa's home visit was carried out on the Saturday and Elsa arrived at her new home on the Sunday, as Angela puts it 'she arrived in a box like a pizza delivery'. 
Elsa was so tiny and so frightened but she melted her adopters hearts instantly and here's what Angela had to say, "She was left to her own devices and allowed to roam her new home at her pace although she did spend most of her time on top of a kitchen cupboard until the rustle of a Dreamies bag lured her down! She is now addicted to them! She has really come out of her shell and has shown her true personality, she is the most beautiful cat inside and out. She has the loveliest nature and is still pretty much a kitten. She plays a lot and is very mischievous but my partner and I are just absolutely over the moon and love her so much. Our house is now a home! You will see in the pictures that she is on a green thing - believe it or not, that's an old dressing gown of mine and it goes everywhere with her. It's like a comfort blanket and she cries if she can't see it. She could not have gone to a more loving home and we know we made the right decision in adopting her". We are delighted that Elsa has found her loving home and look forward to many more updates.

Moe - formerly Lenny (adopted October 2013)

Lenny came into CP Glasgow‚Äôs care after being one of a litter that could not be rehomed by their owner. Nadja was lucky enough to adopt Lenny in October this year and changed her name to Moe. Yes, Moe is a little girl! Nadja tells us that Moe is a very special kitten who loves a bit of cheese here and there and is very cuddly. She has a heart breaking miaow ‚Äď all the better for treats we bet! Moe tries to pick up everything with her paws (such as food and even glasses of water - which usually results in her knocking them over) and likes to wake up everyone with her hyper playtime in the middle of the night. Nadja also let us know that Moe won over their older cat Juno within the first two weeks and they are now best friends and love grooming each other. Just look at that little face how could Juno have resisted?! Thanks for the update, Nadja, what a gorgeous little girl you have!

Vader - formerly Middleton (adopted November 2013)

Middleton, and his brothers and sisters, were born in a garden to a feral mum and brought into CP Glasgow’s care. Amanda and her family adopted the wee guy on 08 November this year and changed his name to Vader (Amanda’s boys are Star Wars fans!) as he is all black. The family think Vader is just fantastic, he’s very playful but, like all cats, loves to sleep a lot! He hardly ever makes a sound and sleeps all night at the end of the bed. Amanda has let us know that he is quite enthusiastic about climbing up her legs but, like a good little man, he allows her to trim his claws. Amanda would like to thank everyone at Cats Protection Glasgow for the opportunity of adopting Vader and says that maybe next year she will come back for another one! You are very welcome and thank you very much for this lovely update.

Bo - formerly Smoky (adopted December 2013)

Smoky was brought into Cats Protection Glasgow after living as a stray. Unfortunately as a kitten he had an accident where he got all his paws burnt on the hot engine of a car. Even through his treatments (getting cream on and having to wear an Elizabethan collar) he still purred his head off. Smoky was adopted by Laura in December 2013 and she kindly gave us an update on how he is doing. Laura has renamed him Bo and he has settled in so well. Laura says Bo is a wonderful natured cat and full of mischief who loves nothing better than playing with his toys and then having a snooze beside Laura on the sofa. Well all that exercise does take it out of you! Laura adores him and we believe the feeling is mutual!  We are delighted that this lovely little boy has found his forever home.