Success stories - Adopt a cat - 2012

Mila (adopted May 2012)

Mila! She's needs no introduction - star of her own Facebook campaign, mother to many wonderful kittens and all-round gorgeous rehomed cat. Here's Mila with her new best friend, Eloise. Mila is getting on great! In fact, when Mila went to the vet for her second vaccination the vet said that she's a little overweight - can you believe that! Mila! But she's tiny! Anyway, well done Mila! We're delighted that you are settling in so well.

Hamish (adopted July 2012)

Hamish, a 8-year-old ginger short-haired indoor male cat, was rehomed with a lovely couple called Claudia and Ryan. They got back in touch with us not long after they adopted Hamish to let us know how he was getting on. Here's what they said.

"He was a bit scared at first, but with a gentle approach we have managed to win him over; a bit of book reading and careful attention and affection, and speaking with him during the day has done the trick. He is a lovely mature cat with certain habits that we have learned, such as accompany you in the kitchen, being lazy, and share the same love for food as we do.

"Also, he is now comfortable laying on our bed instead of his cat "retreat" bed, and we have made several other cat places for him and he has been laying in every one of them now  so we're feel very happy that things has improved so well in such a short amount of time.

"I believe that Hamish would like you to receive some pictures of him, so I have attached a few with this email and I am sure that he says hi and many thanks for your support."

What brilliant news! We love Hamish are so pleased that he has found his forever home.

Loki (Flash) (adopted June 2012)

Hi Everyone! Remember me? It's Little Loki! Although I'm not so little anymore as you can see! My new family have called me Flash, because of how quickly I run round the garden! Getting outside is so much fun! But not as nice as lots of cuddles! Thank-you Cats Protection for finding me a lovely new home and a happy life- see you soon!


(adopted September 2012)

Do you remember lovely Tibby, who was with the Branch for such a long time? Well,we have news from her new home! Tibby is settling in so well, her favourite food is beef with added crunchy dry food and she likes nothing better than chasing after her toy fish when it's hidden under a fleece blanket. She loves sleeping on her new mum Doris's bed and has started going out into the garden with Doris watching over her. Her fence climbing skills are great and the neighbour's shed is always a source of interest! We all miss you TIbby but we're so glad you've found a lovely new home!

(adopted 2011) and Annie (adopted August 2012)

Who is this delightful duo? Why it's Annie and Jack! Jack was adopted from Cats Protection last year and Annie was added to the feline family this year, as a CP kitten. Don't they get on well? They are now best friends and love playing together. It just shows how happy two kitties can be when they're introduced properly- we’re so glad to see them so contented.

Robbie (Dexter) and Cody (Loki) (adopted 2012)


We've had an update from Julie Cameron who adopted Cody and Robbie (remember lovely Robbie?) from the branch earlier this year. Now known as Loki and Dexter, the cats are getting on great! Loki, who's 9 months old, so a big kitten really, loves his laser pointer and feather toys and he and Dexter get on really well, play wrestling and chasing all the time. Dexter loves his cat tree, his dreamies (don't they all!) and giving head butts and just like Loki, likes nothing more than sleeping at the bottom of Julie's bed. We're so happy that these beautiful boys are getting on so well, and that they went to such a good home- thanks Julie!