Success stories - Adopt a cat - 2013

Phoebe - formerly Sharon (adopted August 2013)

Sharon came into Cats Protection Glasgow care in July 2013 after she had been given up by her owner. She was adopted by Karen in August 2013 and renamed Phoebe. Karen has kindly let us know that Phoebe has settled in brilliantly and is causing all sorts of mischief! She likes to run around with things, including Karen's pyjama bottoms, and deposit them in an undisclosed location. Most of her fluffy toys end up in the same place! Phoebe is a very vocal cat and chirrups, purrs and mews all the time.The branch are so happy that Phoebe and Karen found each other and we wish them many happy years together. 

Sheldon - formerly James Bond (adopted March 2013)

James Bond was adopted by Sophia and her family in March 2013 after Cats Protection Glasgow picked him up as a stray. He was renamed Sheldon (some Big Bang Theory fans in this family) and Sophia has sent us an update on how he is doing with his adopted family. Sophia says that Sheldon is an absolute delight, so friendly and affectionate.  Everyone gets a head rub when they enter his home and everyone who meets him adores him. He was quite vocal when he was hungry, to start with, but now knows when it's meal time. He also loves playing with all his new toys. He has now become an important member of the family and Sophia wishes to thank Sheldon's fosterers for the great job they did with him. She would recommend Cats Protection Glasgow to anyone looking for a new addition to their family.  Looking good Sheldon - we are delighted you have a lovely new home!

Persick - formerly Bud (adopted January 2013)

Bud was adopted by Azz and Inna in January 2013. Bud has been given a lovely new Russian name, Persick - how pretty. Persick is an extremely busy cat with so many things to do such as sleeping, eating and playing. He loves scratches and cuddles and Azz and Inna call him their purring machine. Persick has settled so well into his home and would like to thank Cats Protection, Glasgow (through his adopters of course!) for giving him the great life he has now.  It is our pleasure, Persick!

Hamish (adopted May 2013)

Hamish was adopted by Julia in May 2013 and she kindly sent us another update on how this ball of fur is getting on. He follows Julia everywhere and in her words "he is just a big sook". Julia loves Hamish to bits and it's clear the feeling is mutual.  Thanks, Julia, for sending us more fantastic pics!

Millie - formerly Wee Betty (adopted 2012)

Wee Betty, now renamed Millie, was adopted by Kim.  Kim wasn’t looking for an older cat (Millie was 12 when adopted) but Kim is so very happy that she took a chance with Millie.  Millie had thyroid problems and was unfortunately diagnosed with chronic renal failure but she is on medication for both.  Her thyroid is now under control and her kidney function is improving as she is now on a special renal diet.  Yay! 

Kim has let us know that Millie is a happy lady despite her medical issues.  She is always purring and miaowing and loves a good brush and getting cuddles.  Millie is totally spoiled (like all cats should be) and has her mum catering to her every need.  Her food is heated to make it more palatable, the kitchen tap is left running so she can drink from it, hot water bottles are made for her and she is cuddled and kissed on demand.  Millie certainly landed on her feet when Kim adopted her!  Kim says Millie is such a wee character and offers more than a younger cat because of her wisdom and experience.  We are delighted to hear how Millie is getting on and look forward to more updates from Kim.  A big cheer for the senior citizens of the cat world!

Hamish (adopted May 2013)

Here's the beautiful Hamish adopted by Julia a few weeks ago. Hamish never made it to our Adopt a Cat pages as he went from home to home and was rehomed to someone on our indoor waiting list. As you can see Hamish has made himself at home and Julia is so proud of her gorgeous boy. We are so happy they found each other!

Brandy - now Hamish (adopted April 2013)

Renee adopted Brandy last week and her daughter, Angela, sent us this update. "Brandy has settled in since being adopted last week. He loves getting brushed and fed! He plonks himself down wherever he feels and is so laid back. My mum is loving spoiling him and getting lots of cuddles. He has a loud purr and loves the attention he is receiving. My mum has re-named him and registered him as Hamish! Thank you for looking after him so well and allowing my mother to adopt him and giving my mother the companionship and comfort she was missing after the sad deaths of her two gorgeous Persians last year. I know that Brandy will be loved just as much and has definitely found his 'forever' guardian". All at the Branch are delighted that Brandy, sorry Hamish!, and Renee found each other and became another success story.

Tibby (adopted 2012)

Here's Tibby, who was adopted last year, enjoying a quiet game.  More to follow.

Piaf - formerly Daisy (adopted April 2012)

Jennifer and Angus adopted Piaf (formerly known as Daisy) in April 2012 and Jennifer has sent us an update of how she is getting on.

"We couldn't imagine our lives without her, she is like our daughter! We absolutely love her so much and I think she feels the same about us. She has her own wee routine at night and loves to sit at the window and be the Neighbourhood Watch. Every evening after 8:00pm she is looking outside at the same spot. When I get up in the morning for work at 4:00am she waits outside the bathroom and follows me around until I leave for work. She even sits with me looking out the window for my taxi then goes back into bed with Angus. She still loves her black mouse toy although there is only a tail left! When I get in from work I have a nap on the couch and she always has one too. I sometimes wake up with her lying on me, this is also the case with Angus at night. 

Her favourite food is king prawns, chicken ONLY from my noodle soup, not any other time, and the odd lick of a Twiglet!

I also have my own side project where I sell handmade jewellery, bags and purses and I have named it after her; Piaf and the Puffin. Piaf even has her own Instagram called - Piaf The Cat. 

Unfortunately my rabbit, Poopy, died in June last year. He was getting the start of a spore filed down and the anesthetic killed him. :( Piaf kept looking for him for a while searching round the hutch and the flat. They got on just fine always sniffing each other and Piaf would even sit next to the hutch.

I'd like to thank you all at Cats Protection Glasgow for giving us the most wonderful little thing in the world".

Tinker & Belle - formerly Cadbury & Reese (adopted January 2012)

Cadbury & Reese (now known as Tinker & Belle) were the last of Fudge's kittens to find a new home in January 2012. They were adopted by Dawn who has given us an update on the hard life they have these days! Tinker & Belle get up at 8.00am and after breakfast climb into a lap for cuddles and a snooze before chasing each other around and up and down their cat tree. They then make time for a treat or two and lunch. At night they have what Dawn calls their mad half hour to an hour where they throw each other around the bed and use Dawn and her other half, Brian, as launching pads at each other....then it's snuggle time ....curled against a back or on a tummy. Belle snores her way through the night while Tinker curls up on top of Brian's feet. There's always a lap available for nap/cuddle time no matter what is happening. A few weeks ago the girls went in for spaying and were a little unhappy at being starved from the evening before. Belle developed a muscle hernia after spaying so had to go back to the vet for extra stitches.  Both the girls are now doing great and we are delighted they are another of our success stories.

Madame Padame - formerly Cheeky (adopted October 2012)

Cheeky was adopted by Sarah and her husband in October 2012 and very quickly they realised that if something was not to her liking THEY had to change, hence why she is now known as MADAME Padame. Padame wasn't the easiest of cats but with Sarah and her husband's patience she came around and is now a terrific character. Sarah has let us know that Padame likes a bit of patting, hanging out on the sofa for some TV time and sleeping on the bed at night. Padame enjoys nothing better than playing with hair bands and loves camping out under the drying bed sheets on washing day waiting to be entertained (with hair bands preferably)!  

Sarah and her husband have recently moved to a nice, quiet area and Padame can often be found hanging out on the stairs with the neighbour's cat, chasing any flies she can find, and if the weather is nice, she will venture outside in the close (but not too far from home).

Padame loves her food so she has been put on a diet (well we all like to be slim for summer) but when it's time for food she will scratch lightly on the bedside cabinet and wake Sarah and her husband up, usually between 5 and 6am. Once fed, she is happy to go back to bed and purr.

We are delighted that Sarah's patience paid off and that Padame is a very loving cat with attitude! Thank you Sarah for this fabulous success story.

 (adopted March 2013)


Fraggle was adopted a week ago by Kerry and look how well he is settling in. He did hide under the bed for the first few days but, like all cats, curiosity got the better of him! Fraggle is slightly overweight but Kerry says he loves his new diet food. He likes to spend his mornings on guard duty and his afternoons chasing his catnip mouse and indulging in some belly rubs. We are sure with all that healthy food and playing he will be at his ideal weight in no time. We look forward to more updates on how he is getting on over the next few months.

Peanuts & Bananas (adopted March 2012)

Peanuts and Bananas were adopted by Kirsty a year ago and she has sent us an update on how they are getting on. Their perfect place to be is sitting in the bay window of their home and watching the birds and the world go by but Bananas is also partial to her new radiator bed which was bought after she spent those cold winter months on top of the radiators. Both enjoy playing and being given lots of love and Peanuts quite enjoys a tummy rub now and again. Of a morning they are most likely to be found in the bathroom waiting on the tap being turned on so they can have a play and their morning drink. They seem to be having the time of their lives and we are so happy that they have found their forever home.