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A Pet Friendly 5th November

02 November 2020
A Pet Friendly 5th November

Although bonfire parties are not being held this year, people will still be letting off fireworks and this can be a difficult time for all pets but by following our advice your pet need not suffer and things can pass smoothly.

Make sure you keep your pets inside and close all windows, doors and block off cat flaps to keep noise to a minimum. You could also try a plug-in pheromone diffuser starting from a few days before - this can help to calm and relax your pets.

Draw the curtains and if the pet is used to the sound of the TV and radio, switch them on (not too loudly) in order to block out some of the noises of the fireworks.

Prepare a 'den' for your pet where they can feel safe and comfortable- perhaps under a bed with some of your own clothes, where they can hide when the fireworks start.

Let your pet pace and hide if it wants to- don't try to coax it out as it is just trying to feel safe and shouldn't be disturbed.

Try not to comfort and cuddle distressed pets as they may think you are worried too, instead stay relaxed, act normally and praise calm behaviour.

All animal rescues see an increase in lost pets at this time of year as some become frightened by fireworks and can run away, so it is a good idea to have your wee ones microchipped if they do get outdoors.

Stick to these tips for a pet-friendly 5th of November.