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Adopt with confidence

01 May 2021
Adopt with confidence Many of the cats we advertise for rehoming have specific homing requirements in their blog. We always get asked why don’t you rehome cats into families that have children or other pets.

Well let us explain, many cats coming into our care are given up either because they have stress/ behaviour issues, or they did not get on with the cats, dogs or new pets in their previous home.

Other cats are not compatible with children or they have never experienced children and we cannot take the chance of rehoming a cat into families when we are not sure of how it will react.

When cats come into our branch we assess each cat individually to make sure we get the best possible home and environment for them to be in. We want our cats to find their purrfect furever home where they will be happy, unstressed and loved every day.

We always put our cat’s interest first so appreciate that what we have put in the cat’s blog, is for the cat’s happiness & welfare