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Auld Tam

01 January 2021
Auld Tam

Cats Protection are still on ground in Scotland ensuring that we can still help the many cats that need us most in these difficult times.

Many of the residents in the Foxbar area of Paisley will know long tern local “Auld Tam”, aka grey cat, Maverick, Daddy and possibly a few more names!

He was brought into care last week as many of his carers were concerned about him. He was taken to the vet and had a full MOT. He was neutered, vaccinated, flead & wormed, dematted, had an ingrown toenail removed and also had many teeth removed as he had a break in his jaw and had multiple abscesses. The poor old man would have been in a great deal of pain …..

He is now eating well and had some rest at the vets and is ready to come back to his loving fans.

He is still a little wild and is essentially a “Community Cat” and it’s best for his welfare to return to the environment he knows and is cared for by so many, he has many sheds and houses he frequents.

He went into a home yesterday evening in one of the streets he frequents and if he is happy to stay in for a while, great …. If he prefers to go out …. again, great it will be his choice! And he has many options of where to go. He has a bit of a Mohawk hairstyle at the moment, so look out for him.

We have had lots of support and love for him and offers to donate to his vet treatment, so if anyone would like to contribute, you can do so here: (http://bit.ly/dWvkHG)

Many thank for your continues support.