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Cats and arthritis: how to spot the signs

10 June 2021
Cats and arthritis: how to spot the signs

Arthritis is a common condition in humans that causes pain and inflammation of the joints but did you know that cats can have it too? It’s particularly common in cats aged 12 or over but because they are very good at disguising pain it can be very difficult to detect.

Common signs of arthritis in cats include:

•grooming less often and a reluctance to let you groom them (their coat may look dull and unkempt)

•a general decline in activity levels

•a hesitation to jump up or down

•toileting outside of the litter tray


If you notice any of these signs, the first thing you should do is take the cat to the vet. Unfortunately there isn’t a cure for arthritis but there are a few things you can do to make your cat’s life a little more comfortable

 These include:

•helping them reach their favourite places by strategically placing pet stairs (shown) or furniture

•providing plenty of cosy, well-padded beds in safe and warm places

•ensuring the sides of their litter tray aren’t too tall so they can climb in and out easily


For more information on arthritis, visit the Cats Protection website on the following link: http://bit.ly/2E2x9ad