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Oh-no! Allergic to cats!

15 May 2022
Oh-no! Allergic to cats!

These days more and more people find themselves with allergies, sometimes even to cats. Does this mean they can’t be a happy cat owner? Certainly not. With a little extra care even the most allergic individual can enjoy having a cat under their roof. Taking on some of the following tips could make a big difference to you and your cat.

Consider replacing your carpet with wooden floors or if this isn’t possible, invest in a HEPA equipped vacuum cleaner for your carpets- this should remove almost 99.9% of particles out of the air. Cat allergens hide in dust- so make sure your home is dust free. In addition to vacuuming, you could try a vapour steam cleaner on the floors and walls. Also avoid woollen clothing.  As far as your cat is concerned, neuter your cat, especially if it’s a male. If you do not yet have a cat but are considering getting one, it is worth noting that females produce lower levels of allergen. Always use gloves when cleaning out the litter tray, and make sure you keep your cat free from fleas- a scratching cat will spread more particles.

Regularly clean rooms where the cat sleeps, and designate some areas a cat -free zone. Wash your hands immediately after petting your cat and don’t rub your eyes.

Finally, we recommend PetalCleanse- this is a cleansing treatment which helps eliminate the causes of feline allergy. Moistening a soft cloth with a small amount and gently wiping your cat down with it on a weekly basis will help remove the allergens from your cat’s coat and therefore significantly reduce the possibility of allergic reactions in humans.

Ironically it’s actually cats’ fastidious cleanliness that may be implicated in the majority of human allergic reactions to cats. While people generally assume the cat’s hair is the problem  this isn't strictly speaking the case – rather it’s proteins which are spread through the coat by the cat grooming itself which then may become airborne when the cat scratches or is stroked. Certain cats seem to be better than others for allergy sufferers – trial and error is the only way to tell. So the message is: cats and allergies are certainly not mutually exclusive, if you follow our tips an allergy need not spell goodbye to your feline companion.