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Ticked Off

04 May 2022
Ticked Off

Many outdoor cats are vulnerable to ticks. If your cat spends time outdoors in an area with a high risk of ticks, i.e long grass, moorland or woodland regular preventative treatments are essential and you should also conduct coat checks often. 

Ticks can attach themselves in places difficult for your cat to groom, particularly the ears and head. Carefully run your fingers through your cat’s coat from head to toe and check for unwanted visitors. Ticks can be the size of a pea and can vary in colour either being grayish-white, brown, black, reddish-brown or yellowish.

Your vet will be able to advise you on the most safe and effective treatment for your cat and many products available gives 12 weeks protection against ticks and fleas e.g front line spot on, tablets, collars etc so it may be worthwhile being prepared to stop that unwanted visitor.