Cats and Pregnancy

Should I worry about my cat and my pregnancy-

Some people believe that cats can be bad for pregnant women. This is a mistake.

The belief stems from concerns about toxoplasmosis, a micro-organism that can affect the foetus if a pregnant woman is infected. However, a major study in the British Medical Journal concluded that contact with cats was not a significant risk factor for infection with toxoplasma.

Pregnant women should wear disposable gloves and an apron when cleaning litter trays- or get someone else to do this. Increasing the number of tray cleans to twice daily would also reduce the possibility of spores developing from infected faeces.

Preparing your cat for baby’s arrival-

The below image and this video serve as a guide for preparing your cat for a baby’s arrival.

We have free downloadable MP3s of baby sounds, and also some tips to use them effectively.

Cats are creatures of habit- so the biggest challenge may be the changes to routines that happen after the arrival of a baby. There are a few steps you can take before arrival-

  • Make the nursery off limits

  • Reduce the amount of lap time your cat enjoys

  • Move toileting or feeding areas gradually

After the babies arrival-

  • Use a safe cot or pram net and pull it taut

  • Keep the nursery inaccessible while the baby sleeps

  • Keep baby utensils out of reach

  • Try to save a little time to give your cat attention daily.

  • Never leave your cat and baby alone together

  • Leave childrens sandboxes uncovered.


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