Lost and Found

Domestic cats are inquisitive and territorial. This can cause them to roam quite far away from their home, Unfortunately this natural behaviour can lead to cats becoming lost.

Every day we receive calls from cat owners and other concerned parties to report missing cats as well as to report cats presumed to be stray or feral. We can help to re-unite owners with their beloved pets, and care for those that may not have owners or have become lost.

Lost cats-

If your cat has gone missing, please check the "found" register below. It is possible someone has already found and reported them to us. Then please give us a call on 0141 779 3341, or email us at Glasgow@cats.org.uk. If you did not see your cat in our "found" register, we will add your cats details to the "Lost" Register below, double checking to see if we have any cats which fit that description. Follow the diagram below for more ideas to increase the chances of being re-united with your cat.

Stray cats

If you suspect you have found a stray cat, please check our "lost" register below- it is possible the cat has already been reported missing by a worried owner. Then please give us a call on 0141 779 3341, or email us atvGlasgow@cats.org.uk. If you did not see the cat in our "lost" register, we can talk you through some steps to help them be reunited with their owners. We will also add the cat to our "found" register in case the owner is keeping an eye on our page. Immediate steps when a stray cat is found.

Unfortunately we will not be able to accept a cat brought to us without an appointment, it is very important to attempt to re-unite the cat with their owners first. It is possible the cat is not lost at all, and has simply found a new area to explore and bringing them to us would actually be removing them from their home. We can help figure out if this is the case- call us on 0141 779 3341.

If you suspect the cats health is in a critical condition, and that they may require veterinary treatment- contact your local veterinary practise or the SSPCA on 03000 999 999.