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International Cat Day

08 August 2018
International Cat Day 8th August is International Cat day! Its a full 24 hours of recognition and appreciation of one of the worlds most beloved pets!

This was started for the first time in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, in partnership with other animal rights group to celebrate one of the most popular pets on the planet! There is an estimated 500 million cats frolicking and playing around the world- meaning that almost every extended family is bound to have a cat somewhere along the line!

Owning a cat is great- it has been shown to improve mental health and relieve stress, anxiety and depression. The level of care and adoration these little felines recieve is fantastic. However there are currently far more cats than there are homes for them. Every day we recieve calls of stray cats who dont have a home- or from an owner whose circumstances have changed and they are having to consider rehoming their beloved pet.

This is why neutering is so important. A cat can have up to three litters a year, with five or six kittens in each. This adds up to 18 homes to find in just one year. In just 5 years, one un-neutered female can be responsible for 20'000 descendents. This is a totally unmanageable number, and explains the scale of the problem!

So please, if you love your cat- on this international cat day, consider getting them neutered!