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Kittens found inside tied plastic bag, in busy residential area

15 August 2018
Kittens found inside tied plastic bag, in busy residential area On the 15th August- deputy managers Charlaine and Elaine responded to a call from a local veterinary practise- who had just been handed a carrier bag full of kitten. The kittens were found tied inside this bag, in a busy residential area of bishop briggs. The kittens are now safely in our care.

This story is heartbreaking. However there are two details of note here- firstly they were placed in a busy area and there were items of personal clothing inside the bag to add some comfort to the kittens. This tells us that the person who put the kittens here, wanted them to be found, and to be cared for. Unfortunately, this story is not unique or uncommon, this is the second call we have recieved of this type in the last week alone.

The people who did this, were clearly in what they thought was a desperate and impossible situation. However the message the Glasgow Adoption would like to impress upon anyone in a similar situation- it does not have to come to this. Please do not dump kittens in this way, if you are unable to care for kittens that were unplanned- please bring them to us.

Cats protection also offers financial assistance to cat owners who would li8ke to have their cat neutered, but cannot afford to. The link below will direct you to a page with more information about this.


Help us spread the word about how Cats Protection can support those who need us. And help reduice the number of times situations like this occur. Thank you.

Please note, that these kittens are only 4 weeks old, and are still several weeks away from being available for adoption, and we are not able to take reservations on them at this time.

Thank you.